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Winstrol 50 (Biotech Beijing) 10 ml

Winstrol (Beijing Biotech) is an anabolic steroid, injectable detergent with active substance stanozolol. Produced water-based (suspension) and is intended for intramuscular injection. As a sports doping is used effectively for relief, to increase the durability and strength of the muscles. Like his direct analogues, he effectively used as part of a combined courses, for example in combination with testosterone propionate or oral turinabol.

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Winstrol 50 of Biotech: a steroid profile

Stanozolol oral (tablets and capsules) and parenteral main (water or oil solution) form, was one of the first steroids which are sold to the pharmaceutical market. It was developed and patented in 1962 year. Interesting information: active substance shall not be considered a sports doping until the end of the sixties, and the athletes were not allowed to adopt only powerful stimulants, such as amphetamines, cocaine or ephedrine. Characteristic of Winstrol (50 mg/ml, 10 ml) produced by Biotech Beijing: anabolic index-320% from that of testosterone, androgenic index-30% of that of testosterone; poluživott is approximately 9-24 hours, the duration of the effect is from 1 to 2 days, the time of detection is not less than 3 weeks; convert to estrogen, not association with progestins-no, hepatotoxicity-sensible, suppression of testosterone production-reasonable.

The positive effects of Winstrol from Biotech:

• Qualitative muscle growth (without water and FAT);

• A strong effect of burning fat;

• A slight diuretic effect;

• Improved rigidity of the muscles;

• Improved relevant of muscles;

• Increase of force;

• Increased durability.

Note: stanozolol reduces the concentration of SHBG (sex binding hemoglobulin), which partly explains the significant anabolic effect of the drug. Possible side effects include pain in the joints, pain, injection in appetite disorders, decreased libido, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and more. Possible side effects are not associated with increased estrogen or progestogens activity, but effect is androgynist you didn't just flame out light at moderate doses. However, the preparation is recommended to be used in sports only by men, since women's threat is a masculinization body. Accompanied by symptoms such as oily skin, increased aggression, thickening of the voice, increase clitoris, additional facial hair and body.

The process of injecting Winstrol 50
The effective dose of Winstrol Biote is elected individually. The doses are permitted within the mg 50-100 (1-2 ml) per day. This is the range of dosing for men. Women better to avoid the use of stanozolol. If you still want to test you didn't just flame out, then at least it should be limited to minimum doses – 5-25 mg (0.1-0.5 ml) every 1-2 days. With regard to the method of application, the drug is injected into the lengthy courses: average 6-8 weeks. A longer course might be held only on the excellent tolerance of the organism to the preparation. Otherwise there is a risk of passing on positive action in the side effects.

Income a look at the popular courses combined with Winstrol 50:

• For beginners who want a muscle without increasing retention of excess fluid and the accumulation of fat, it is best to make a combination with oral turinabol. The course can last for 8 weeks and the dosage of active ingredients should not exceed 40-60 mg per day (oral turinabol) and 50 mg every other day (stanozolol suspension). 2 weeks post therapy coursework: daily tamoxifen 20 mg.

  • 8-week power rate for experienced athletes-with a mixture of testosteroе esters (Sustanon, Omnadren, or another brand). The doses are higher: 100 mg every other day (Winstrol) and 250 mg per day (a mixture of esters of testosterone). At the end of the course include testosterone propionate in 100 mg every other day. After coursework therapy 3-week course with tamoxifen at 20-30 mg daily

  • Practiced athletes for relief – with testosterone propionate and clenbuterol. The course is for the 6-8 weeks. Use up to 100-150 mg testosterone propionate in one day, 50-100 mg stanozolol suspension by 40-120 micrograms per day and day of Clenbuterol, came with application of ketotifen 1-2 mg per day. After the course the drink 20-30 mg tamoxifen every day.

    Note: we recommend that you visit the Forum at, where you can get advice or to find reviews of sports Pharmacology "first hand". The registration process in our forum in the worst case scenario it will take 2-3 minutes.

Assessments and facts about Winstrol from Beijing Biotech

Injected stanozolol is one of the most popular Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids among lovers and professional athletes. He enjoys extremely high demand. And Winstrol from Bioteč is no exception. On the Web you will be able to find many reviews about the product.

You can view the personal reviews for various sports supplements in our online store and to verify the effectiveness and the relative safety of the product that interests you. You can do it on our site, as well as in the Forum. In addition, each product is accompanied by information about the date of the expiration date, so you'll know exactly how much new is the product. We are not trying to indict their clients and thus we have gained a reputation of a reliable seller.

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