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Turinox (Malay Tiger) Turinabol 100 tablets

Turinox is a powerful steroid with an active substance of Metanadienon - Hlordegidrometiltestosteron. This steroid is administered orally and is very popular with a wide range of athletes. The main effect of the drug is expressed in increasing the productivity of power, speed and endurance of the athlete. It also increased the dry and firm muscles.

Description Turinabol Malay Tiger

The molecule of the active ingredient of the medicament has a structure of Metandienon, that adds chlorine atoms. Therefore, the medicine does not aromatize and has a reduced androgenic effect. Side effect from Turinox are weak and in general its  very safe for the body.

The history of Forhidrotestosterona began in 1960 in the GDR. Experts of the Socialist Republic wanted to prove to the world their superiority, and the use of such substances by athletes gave positive results. This drug helped the competing teams from the GDR to reach second place in the Olympics in Munich 1972.

The drug became popular among athletes, because of its unique properties in giving great power and speed. The use of Turinox Malay Tiger in bodybuilding made the sales of the product skyrocket. Often you can find alternative versions of the medicine with the same active substance. So, the steroids Turinover, Turinadol or Turinabol are almost the same drug. The difference is in the packaging, the manufacturer and the format (color) of the tablets, the active ingredient has the same content in every tablet - 10 mg. The choice depends on the trust of the manufacture and, of course, the price can also be a deciding factor.

Forhidrotestosteron is for experienced athletes and beginners. This medicine is not aromatize. The only drawback is its hepatotoxicity, so there are some contraindications. Thus, it cannot be used in patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency and in pregnancy.

The active drug remains in the body for about 16 hours, so it is must be taken daily. The cost of the steroid Turinox Malay Tiger fully meets the value/cost ratio. All investments pay off with great strength, speed and endurance. In addition, it remains active for a long time in the body and is completely removed after 6 weeks.

Detailed instructions for use Turinabol Malay Tiger 100 10 mg are available in our forum, where you can find information and the best advice for many preparations. During intake, it reduces the level of natural testosterone.  It is restored after the end of the cycle. Overall, this anabolic agent is among the safest steroids. Beginner should start with it, because there are no side effect, when used properly.

Turinox: Dosage and steroid cycles

Dosage in men is usually from 20 to 60 mg per day. The size of the individual dose depends on the weight of the athlete. It is taken in the amount of 0.4 mg per kilogram body weight. Turinobol cycle lasts an average of 6 weeks. Long-term use is not recommended because it has negative effects on the liver.

Turinox can also be used by women athletes, but in doses not more than 5-15 mg per day. Although the drug has reduced androgenic activity, women should use it carefully. At the first sign of side effects, the intake of the drug must be stopped.

The daily dose is usually administered once a day  - in the morning or divided into two parts. With proper use of this anabolic preparation, it is possible to raise up to 8 kg of pure, high quality muscle mass. It can be used alone or in combination with other steroids.

For experienced athletes, who have clear goals and know their body well, a possible intake for 10-12 weeks can be done.

Turinox is often combined with Nandrolone and Testosterone. For a well fat burning effect and drying off muscles, you can combine it with Stanozolol and Parabolan.

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