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Testosterone Propionate (Multi Pharm) 10 ampules

Testosterone Propionate is a fast and effective anabolic agent with high anabolic and androgenic effect for rapid increase in mass and strength. The good thing about Testosterone P Multi Pharm is that is easily controlled, because of its rapid action.

Propionate is the most popular testosterone ester used in the world of sports pharmacology. Beginners and amateurs do not know anything about this medicine. The duration of action (half-life) of the active ingredient is only 1-2 days. This means that, to achieve the desired effect, it requires daily administration.

However, this testosterone ester helps achieve faster visual result and the effect is felt immediately after administration of the drug (due to the surge of hormone levels in the body).

Testosterone Propionate -  The steroid with an emphasized anabolic and androgenic effects.

The product has the ability to aromatize (convert to estrogen).

Testosterone P Multi Pharm is most liked by aerobic trainees, mainly due to the frequency of injections carried out every day or every other day. For better effect , the area of injection should be switched every time (triceps, biceps, delta). Sometimes there are spikes in body temperature, which may last from a few hours to several days.

The product is also popular among female athletes, because it avoids heavy androgenic effects on the body. Also, recovery after heavy training is accelerated. When injected once a week, in doses of 25-30 mg, a woman can achieve tangible results. Increasing the dose will improve the results, but then side effect may appear.

Effects of Testosterone Propionate:

1. Increase in muscle mass.

2. Quickly fills the muscles with blood, which increases their volume.

3. Increased libido.

4. Strengthening the process of burning fat.

5. Increase the quality of muscle density.

6. Increased muscle activity, vascularisation.

7. Compared to its predecessor, Testosterone Cypionate, it retains less water in the body

8. It does not affect the internal organs (liver and kidneys)

Steroid cycles with Testosterone Propionate:                       

Testosterone Propionate is well compatible with a large selection of steroids. Every athlete can choose his cycle, depending on the objectives and financial capabilities. Steroid cycles include the intake of anti-estrogens in the end - therapy after cycle. We recommend that you emphasize on whey protein, amino acids and omega-3.

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