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Testosterone Enanthate (Evo Genetics) 10ml

Testosterone enanthate - as it appears from the name, it's a testosterone drug and essentially a powerful and long-acting androgenic steroid. It is produced by Evo Genetics Co., a company known to many local athletes. It is mostly sought after in so-called iron sports, where it is mainly used to increase strength and gain weight.

Properties Testosterone Enanthate Evo Genetics

The steroid testosterone enanthate is an extended ester, the activity of which lasts up to 14-16 days after injection. The half-life is 5-7 days. It is often compared to cypionate (also a testosterone ester) characterized by a duration of activity of 16 days and a half-life of 7 days. Fortunately, these active ingredients are interchangeable: they have identical properties, have the same effect and are used in the same situations.

Testosterone enantiomer U.S.P. can be considered as a medicine. It is no secret that most testosterone esters, from acetate to isocaproate, were originally synthesized for medical purposes only. For example, they have been used as medicines for HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Certain testosterone esters, including enanthate and cypionate, are still used in traditional medicine.

What is the effect of testosterone enanthate U.S.P. (Testosterone Enanthate Injection USP) when used for sports purposes? For athletes, the following are the most valuable effects of the drug:


● Enhancement of strengths;

● Increase muscles;

● Anti-catabolic effect;

● Increased endurance;

 ● recovery accelerated;

● Strengthening the bone system;

 ● Enhanced joint function.


During of the course, it is possible for the drug to lead to increased aggression and increased libido, which is due to the increased androgenic activity due to injecting testosterone. The side effects of Testosterone Enantate U.S.P. are rare and not critical, at least when contraindications are excluded and recommendations for use are followed.

The drug has inherent androgenic and estrogenic side effects: water retention, skin lubrication, acne, irritability, increased body hair, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy and other complications. In the case of a severe, especially combination course, the need for the use of mesterolone (Provivon), anastrozole (Arimidex), even hCG (pregnyl) may be needed.

But in general, testosterone Test E 200 Evo Genetics is relatively harmless, and above all an effective steroid preparation, as evidenced by reviews for it.


Testosterone course and dosage Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone enanthate enantiose isn’t used in short courses, at least for sports purposes. As a rule, it lasts from 4 to 6 to 10 to 12 weeks during which intramuscular injections are performed - about 2 times a week. The medicine is long acting so it is not necessary to take too often.

The tolerated dose is in the range of 250-1000 mg (1-4 ml) per week, depending on the experience of sports pharmacology and in accordance with the body's tolerance to the active substance. The mean value is 500-750 mg (2-3 ml) per week. Higher doses are associated with an increased risk of side effects.

It is better not to abuse but to administer Testosterone Enantiose U.S.P. combined with other steroid hormones. It is easily combined with various effect products, from oral turinbol to trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, most commonly used by contestants around the world.

Let's look at the following two examples of combined courses:

  1. With Boldenone (and Testosterone Propionate for Exit). 8 - 10-week cycle designed for beginners or experienced athletes. It contributes to the rapid increase in strength and weight.
  2. With nandrolone decanoate and methane (drostatin propionate or dipropionate and testosterone propionate at the outlet). 10 - 12 week cycle provided you are an experienced athlete. It is designed for a pronounced increase in strength and mass.


We also recommend visiting the "Steroid Cycles" section of our online store. Here you will find not only more examples, but also detailed course descriptions, and most importantly, with a few clicks, you can order the desired cycle by selecting the products of the preferred brands, whether Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Tiger Malay, Evo Genetics or another brand.


Testosterone Enanthate U.S.P – Revue and Facts

What are the customer reviews for Testosterone Enanthate U.S.P? In short, positive. The product receives mostly positive ratings from local athletes and is accompanied by expressions such as "working", "no side effects" and the like. There are many reasons why thousands of local athletes choose the online store to buy sports pharmacology:


First, you can order Testosterone Enanthip U.S.P, like any other product in stock with us, without unnecessary risks. For our quality work, we provide a modern security system: a reliable anti-DDoS and SSL connection. There is no question that you are really well protected against the leak of confidential information and personal data!


Second, you can find sports pharmacology for all purposes: from steroid anabolic steroids to aromatase inhibitors. All of these are original products supplied from reliable sources, for example, directly from manufacturers and reliable suppliers who cooperate with manufacturers.


Third, each customer can purchase the same Testosterone Enanthate U.S.P and at the same time save! A flexible online discount system has been introduced for this purpose.


For more than 4 years of work, we have earned our reputation as an honest vendor and we plan to continue to meet the high quality requirements!

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