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Testosterone Enanthate 250 (Biotech Beijing) 10ml

Testosterone Enanthate from Biotech Beijing is an androgenic steroid, a testosterone enant which is characterized by its pronounced and prolonged action. It is produced on an oil basis, requires parenteral administration (intramuscular injection). Like doping, athletes favorably use it in combinations (with other accessible anabolic and androgenic steroids) to increase muscle mass and improve asset.

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Testosterone Enantat from Biotech: possessions of the steroid

Testosterone Enanthate of Biotech (a testosterone enanthate) is a complex, synthetic androgenic preparation that acts as a precursor to endogenous testosterone. Therefore, it is considered a natural and bio-identical form of the hormone. Enanthat (a slang of "testosterone enanthate ") is one of the five most common testosterone esters in the pharmaceutical market. The other four are testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate, cypionate and undecanoate. It is no secret that testosterone is the first to be sold as a pharmaceutical product and the steroid was originally developed as a medicine (for medical purposes). Since the middle of the last century has been used in sexual intercourse - eunotioids, impotence and other anomalies in men.

What effect does Testosterone Enanthate have on systemic application for sports purposes? Overall there are numerous but the most pronounced improvements are:

• Increasing working capacity;

• Raising power levels;

• Faster and easier recovery;

 • Recruitment of muscle mass;

• The effect of large pumping;

• Improving articulation;

• Strengthening bones.

And what are the possible side effects with Testosterone Enantate Biotech Bejing? The product has strong androgenic effect and strong aromatization, which can cause androgenic or estrogenic complications such as acne, water retention, skin lubrication, hypertension, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, etc. In severe, especially combined courses, in order to minimize side effects, it is necessary to take extra anti-estrogens such as Proviron and Anastrozole, or the Bulgarian Alvogen, which can be purchased from any pharmacy. Steroid profile: 100% anabolic activity and 100% androgenic activity than endogenous testosterone; the half-life is 5-7 days, the duration of the action is 14-16 days; aromatization - yes, hepatotoxicity - no or minimal, progestogenic effect - no.

Testosterone Enanthate (Biotech Beijing): a steroid course

Who can recommend the product? Athletes with different levels of experience - both beginners and experienced professionals. He effectively performs in strength training and mass raising classes but is not suitable for female sportsmen. The cause of this rather powerful androgenic effect, which can lead to masculinization of the female body: increased aggression, acne, skin greasing, deepening of the voice and other symptoms.

The test dose of Testosterone Enanthate is selected individually, otherwise doses may be inadequate or excessive, which is unacceptable. On average, men are advised to put 500-750 mg (2-3 ml) per week, but not all at once, and divided into several injections on different days. For example: 250 mg (1 ml) on Monday, 250 mg (1 ml) on Wednesday, 250 mg (1 ml) on Friday.

Consider examples of combined courses because this is the primary way to use testosterone enanthate for sports purposes. We will analyze a combination of steroids for beginner athletes and one for experienced "chemists".

1.Testosterone Enanthate Biotech with Boldenone (preferred brand) is a combination for beginners and middle-aged athletes. The aim of the course is to increase appetite, increase muscle mass and increase strength. Mean doses: 500-750 mg / week (testosterone) and 600-800 mg / week (Boldenone). At the exit is good to take testosterone propionate (once every 2 days, 100 mg). Tamoxifen or clomiphene (20-30 mg daily or 50-100 mg daily, respectively) are taken at post-course course of therapy. The duration of the course is 8-10 weeks (2-3 weeks out, 3 weeks after course therapy).

2. Testosterone Enantate Biotech with Nandrolone Decanoate (Preferred Brand) and Methadienone (Preferred Brand). It's also a power and weight-raising course, but it's already designed for intermediate and experienced "chemists". Doses vary: 500-1000 mg / week (testosterone), 300-600 mg / week (nandrolone), 50 mg / day (methane). The perfect combination is testosterone propionate or mastron (every 2 days at 100 mg). Following course therapy - clomiphene (daily 100-150 mg). The course can effectively last for up to 10-12 weeks (3 weeks of actual course and post-course therapy).

Testosterone Enanthate: Evaluations about the steroid

The testimonials for Testosterone Enanthem (250 mg / ml, 10 ml) manufactured by Biotech Beijing Pharmaceuticals can be easily found on our forum where everyone can express their opinions about the products purchased from the online store. You just have to go through very simple and extremely quick registration. Also on our forum you can get individual consultations. Visitors have a team of experienced experts who are well versed in sports pharmacology. What exactly do the Biathic Entente reviews say? The opinion of most athletes is mostly positive. the preparation is well-praised with regard to muscle mass gain and increase in power and energy. Athletes report minimal or no side effects. Biotech Pharmaceuticals products typically receive excellent customer assessments, showing their effectiveness and relative safety, at least until the recommendations are met. More anabolic and androgenic steroids can not boast with as many positive comments as this drug.

Testosterone Enanthate: buying of the steroid

Where and how to buy Testosterone Enantat from Biotech Beijing Pharmaceuticals? Our clients do not ask such a question. In, athletes here get the most reliable and profitable terms for buying sports products in a wide range. We work directly with many official factories and cooperate only with trusted suppliers so there is no reason to doubt the origin of the goods we offer. Buying Testosterone from Bitoech is our advantage and allows for an affordable price and secondly a more flexible discount system, affiliate program, frequent promotions and regular lotteries. With us, our customers receive valuable bonuses for their orders, including gifts in the form of sports supplements and a completely free delivery. If you are interested in details, we recommend that you examine the information in the "Questions and Answers" section.

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