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Testosterone E (Balkan Pharma) Enanthate 10 ampules

Enandrol Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a quality Testosterone enanthate, an anabolic steroid called Testosterone Depot because of its long action. The added ester Enanthate delays the release of the hormone in the blood, so it acts up to 10-12 days after injection.

Testosterone enanthate Balkan Pharma, like other products with testosterone possesses strong anabolic and androgenic properties.  It's use, coupled with good diet and training regime leads to a significant increase in muscle mass and increase in power. The difference is that it does not require frequent injections, only one injection per week is needed to achieve good results. During intake a rapid increase in muscle size is observed, which is the result of increased synthesis of proteins. Testosterone E rapidly increases strength due to growth of the muscles and the accumulation of more ATP in them. Growing sexual desire and increase in the secretion of pheromones, which undoubtedly increases the interest of women to the individual.

Testosterone E as all testosterone preparations retain water in the tissues and tends to aromatize. But exactly that makes Testosterone Enanthate so powerful. Water retention supports the functions of joints and tendons subjected to heavy workouts and weights by preventing unwanted injuries. In consequence of aromatization it may increase the level of estrogen! This is good when high levels of testosterone are present, but of course, if aromatization is too strong, there is a risk of gynecomastia. This can be prevented by concomitant administration of Nolvadex and a little Proviron.


Taking and combining Enandrol:

Testosterone enanthate is one of the best anabolics for increasing muscle mass. If you want size and strength, it can't happen without it. It must be the basis of any steroid cycle for mass. Considering its slow action, it is typically injected once every one to two weeks. Effective dose for muscle growth is between 250-1000 mg per week. Beginners should not go beyond 1 vial - 250 mg per week. One of the best and most efficient in combination with  Testosterone Enanthate cycle are Deca Durabolin and Methandienone.

Side Effects:

Anabolic steroids and their possible side effects can affect individuals differently. This means that not only the positive effects and action of anabolics may be different, but the occurrence of adverse effects is different.

Possible side effects of taking testosterone:

Water retention, acne and oily skin, gynecomastia in susceptible individuals, increased aggression, nervousness, prostate problems when used by older men, prolonged painful erections of the penis (priapism), reduced sperm count, in genetically predisposed to baldness is a possible increase in hair loss, increased levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin in blood, premature sexual development when used in young boys.

Any side effects associated with the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or estrogen, can be easily prevented with Clomid, Proviron, Nolvadex and Dostinex.

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