Anavar - Anabolic steroid with active ingredient Oxandrolone. Anavar is the most harmless, light and soft oral steroid. This steroid acts as a catalyst in each cycle with other steroids. It improves and increases the actions of all steroids. Oxandrolone has no side effects. The steroid makes it possible to build muscle mass without retaining excess water. Greatly increases the strength of an athlete. Most importantly, Oxandrolone does not suppress the production of Testosterone in the body. Of all other steroids with high anabolic activity, only this one has this ability, which undoubtedly places it in the top products used by athletes.

Best combined preparations with Anavar - Oxandrolone :

1. Cycle with Oxandrolone + Trenbolone + Winstrol

2. Cycle with Oxandrolone + Primobolan + Propionate

3. Cycle with Oxandrolone + Boldenone

4. Cycle with Oxandrolone + Winstrol + Trenbolone Enanthate

Anavar is often taken by female athletes, as well as male athletes. It is able to provide each athlete with more hardness and toughness for their muscles. The muscles will look very good and with clearly expressed relief. Oxandrolone is mostly taken with Winstrol, Primobolan and Boldenone. It is also recommended for combination with the young injectable steroid Masteron, which is very suitable for co-administration with Oxandrolone. After such a cycle, a radical change to a beautiful, healthy body with excellently expressed relief is expected.

How to properly take Anavar / Oxandrolone :

1. 3-5 tablets of the oral steroid Oxandrolone should be taken every day. This means 30-50mg of active ingredient. The daily dose can be consume at any time.

2. The cycle should last about two months. During the time, the steroid gets you the best possible result.

3. It is best to combine it with 1-2 injectable preparations. This anabolic steroid will help you increase the effect of anabolic and androgenic activity throughout the cycle.

4. Anavar alone can be used in the middle of the cycle as a bridge between the strong current of the other types of steroids. Thanks to this bridge, the athlete can save a huge gain of muscle mass in the preliminary cycle. And most importantly, during the cycle, the natural production of Testosterone will not be suppressed.

5. Intake of Anavar will give you the opportunity to significantly increase your strength.  Your muscles will acquire high density and elasticity, and they will be clearly and beautifully expressed.

6. While taking Oxandrolone, you don't have to worry about possible aromatizing or gynecomastia, because the side effects are completely absent throughout the intake of the anabolic agent.

7. The price of Anavar is significantly higher than the other steroid medications.

Oxandrolone is the most harmless and easy oral steroid. It can even be used by girls without harming their health. It will give them  beautiful bodies, help burn excess body fat and make their muscles more elastic and healthy.

The majority of athletes who take steroids say that the steroid is truly excellent, thanks to the great power that they acquire throughout the intake.

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