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Sustanon 250 (Evo Genetics) 10ml

Sustanon 250 (250 mg / ml, 10 ml) from Evo Genetics Co (EG) is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid that has a relatively uniform and quite long lasting effect. This is a preparation made up of four testosterone esters (propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate) that are put into action to provide maximum effect. As a sports doping, it is mainly used in combination with other steroidal anabolics and androgens to increase strength and gain extra muscle mass.

Details of the properties of Sustanon 250 Evo Genetics Testosterone mix U.S.P. - far from being the first and not the only product in its category (analogs - Sustanon 250, Sustamed, Omnadren, Andropen 275, others). Mixtures of testosterone esters have long been actively used by athletes around the world. However, they were originally developed exclusively for medical purposes. Drugs are prescribed to men, for example, in reducing libido, impotence, eunuchoidism, and sexual retardation.

The product base is a test mixture of four testosterone esters that have a similar effect but differ in activity duration. The propionate is the first to start working (half-life is 1-2 days), followed by phenylpropionate (2-3 days), isocaproate (4-5 days) and decanoate (7-9 days). The total duration of activity is 2-3 weeks. Anabolic and androgenic product indices are identical to those of endogenous testosterone - 100%.


What is the effect that Sustanon 250 produces from Evo Genetics when used for sports purposes? Fast, even and clear:

Enhanced work capacity;

Accelerated restoration;

 Increased power;

A set of muscle mass; Impact of pumping;

Increased appetite;

 Increased libido;

Strengthening bones;

Improving stub work.


That's not all, but the most significant improvements for lovers and sports professionals are these. It can be seen that they are comparable to those of endogenous testosterone injections. This is understandable because the product is its natural and most important bio-identity, as well as the individual esters from undecanoate to cyclohexylmethyl carbonate.


Are Side Effects is Possible?

Yes, but serious violations occur only in predisposition and abuse. Acne, water retention, increased aggression, high blood pressure, suppression of testosterone production, testicular atrophy or other complications of estrogenic and androgenic nature may occur during the course. With a long course of action, especially when combined with the use of high-dose steroids, concomitant use of anti-estrogens is required, for example, by meslorelone (Provivon and other brands) and anastrozole (Anastrodine and other trademarks).


Who is recommended for Sustanon 250 (250 mg / ml, 10 ml) from Evo Genetics Co.?

 Mostly for athletes with experience in sports pharmacology. This is not the best choice of medicine for the first course. In the hands of a skilled chemist, it becomes a powerful weapon when the candidate faces the task of gaining muscle mass and increasing the power of the indicators.

Suostin 250 course and dosage from Evo Genetics

The product is available in the form of an oily solution and requires parenteral administration (intramuscular injection). It is allowed to mix with other formulations in one syringe but the oil should not be mixed with a suspension, for example, with stanozolol injections - winstrol

The test doses of Testosterone Mix are individually chosen, otherwise they may be excessive or inadequate, which is unacceptable to the athlete. On average, 250-750 mg (1-3 ml) of the drug is recommended weekly. But they should not be given immediately but divided into several injections on different days, for example 250 mg on Wednesday and 250 mg on Saturday.

The Testosterone 250 course is effective for weight gain and strength gain but is contraindicated for women in sports. Due to the high androgenic activity of testosterone, masculinization is very likely. Masculinization or virilization (also viral syndrome) is accompanied by symptoms ranging from thickening of the voice to enlargement of the clitoris.

Take a look at the examples of Combined Courses with Suostin from Evo Genetics with other preparations because they are the main way to use the medicine for sports purposes.

1st combination = Sustanon + Methane (preferred brand). The course is designed for medium-sized athletes and is designed to quickly gain weight and increase strength accordingly. Dosage of testosterone, as a rule, does not exceed 750 mg per week, methane - 50 mg per day. Post-course therapy - tamoxifen (daily 20-30 mg) or clomiphene (daily at 50-100 mg).

2nd combination = testosterone mix + boldenone (favored brand) and oral turinabol (preferred brand). This is also an excellent course for fast weight gain and increase in strength that is suitable for athletes with moderate experience. Boldenone should be in the range of 400-800 mg per week, or oral turinabol should be 40-60 mg per day. Post-course therapy is also tamoxifen or clomiphene (on a daily source).

Duration of courses - within 6-12 weeks, and then the effect begins to shift to side effects.


Sustanon 250 Evo Genetics Reviews

 What are the opinions of a testosterone mix 250mg from Evo Genetics Co. (UK)? Mostly positive. The drug is described as working and relatively safe, at least when the recommendations are followed. The average dose of 2-3 ml (500-750 mg) per week is usually more than sufficient to achieve marked advances in muscle mass gain and strength gain.

Detailed analyses of Suston 250, and beyond, you can easily find on the internet.

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