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Strombaject Aqua (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) Winstrol 10 ampules

Winstrol - is without a doubt one of the most popular steroids on the modern pharmaceutical market. This is largely due to its versatility. If Stanozolol solo shows up perfectly during the drying period and allows you to increase your physical performance, then in combination with AAS to build muscle mass, you can significantly improve the quality of your results.

Positive fuatures and effects of StanozololThe active substance of the eponymous steroid is derived from dihydrotestosterone. However, when it was created, scientists have taken care to reduce androgenic activity. As a result, this figure is only 30 percent, compared to the male hormone. But in terms of anabolic activity, the steroid exceeds the endogenous hormone by 3.2 times.

Although the preparation has a fairly high anabolic activity, Stanozolol does not allow for a large amount of muscle mass to accumulate. Of course, even a solo course can increase muscle volume, but not as much as many bodybuilders would like. However, this can be remedied by combined courses. The rules for using Stanozolol will be described below.

Positive properties and effects of Stromaject Aqua

In the meantime, it is worth paying attention to the positive properties of anabolics and highlighting the main ones:

Powerful fat burning feautures.

Active enhancement of physical characteristics.

Rapid ejection of liquids.

Possibility to obtain quality mass.

Lack of aroma.

Improve muscle texture.

It is also noting worth that the drug has a very attractive price. Given its high efficiency, it is clear why athletes actively use Stanozolol.

Dosage Strombaject Aqua

The scheme to use is extremely simple. The daily dose of the steroid is in the range of 1 am. In most cases, amateur athletes use the minimum dose and get excellent results. Higher doses are used in professional sports which do not make much sense for amateur sports. If the medication is to be used by the athlete only to increase physical performance, then it is sufficient to take a maximum of 2 ampules a day.

As the drug has no estrogenic or progestogenic activity, the use of ancillary drugs in its own courses is not required. But you cannot pass without a postgraduate course, even if you have taken an elementary course. Incidentally, the duration of anabolic use is limited to 6-8 weeks. Female athletes may also use the medicine. For them, the daily dose is 5 to 10 milligrams

And now for the combined use of the drug. Let's start with a bunch of drying and improving the relief of the body. In this situation, it is worth paying attention to the Winstrol - Sustanon combination. This is one of the most popular courses that can greatly improve physical work. Accumulate a few pounds of the driest mass and improve muscle relief. Stanozolol should be taken daily at 50 milligrams. Sustanon is given every other day at 250 milligrams.

And now for the combination that will allow athletes to gain a fair amount of high quality muscle mass. An example of such a combination would be Testosterone Cypionate - Winstrol. The first anabol should be used at a weekly dose of 500 milligrams. Winstrol is used as usual - 50 mg daily.

Possible side effects with Winstrol Balkan Pharma

It would be wrong to deny having any side effects in any AAS. However, focusing on them is definitely not worth it. All modern AAS have been in use for many years. They were well researched by the scientists, which made it possible to come up with the safest and most effective schemes for their application.

In fact, Stanozolol's only drawback is the rush wear of the formulations. As a result, the risk of injury is increased. However, using the steroid at a daily dose of 50 milligrams eliminates this problem. A few words are worth saying about the potential hepatotoxicity of the drug. In the course of his studies, it has been shown that a daily dose of up to 50 milligrams is well received by the body. In such a situation, liver damage is simply not possible.

Reviews for Injectable Stanozolol

We will not deny that all reviews of the drug are positive. Otherwise it could not have become so popular. All athletes note the high efficiency of Stanozolol and its excellent quality. Athletes say such words. Because they are unable to use a large amount of steroids because of the high risk of side effects, Stanozolol is one of the best medicines for women in the sports industry.

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