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Sp Stanoject (SP Laboratories) Winstrol 10ml

Winstrol Depot is a powerful anabolic steroid with low androgenic activity (320% anabolic and only 30% androgenic activity of endogenous testosterone). Manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Desma. In his core, it carries the useful for sports and medicine active ingredient Stanozolol.

Detailed description Winstrol SP Labs

On the market, injectable Stanozolol appeared in 1962 (it was  produced by  the big pharmaceutical company Winthrop Laboratories under the brand (Winstrol Depot). This anabolic steroid found its place into the sports community immediately  and is used in a variety of disciplines - athletics, power sports and more. The popularity of Stanozolol injections grows every day, nowadays it is used by athletes worldwide.

In particular, today athletes are using this drug to get high quality muscle mass and increase their power. In medicine, this steroid is mainly used to increase appetite, endurance and faster recovery of patients.

Its activity lasts at least eight hours, and during the cycle, it gives many positive effects:

* Increases muscle recovery

* Significantly increases energy

* Increased appetite

* Burns fat

* Excretes fluids from the body

* Normalizes the balance of nitrogen

Storage process is simple. It does not lose its effectiveness when it is protected from light (make sure the storage temperature is not lower or higher than room temperature). Keep away from children and pets.

How to use SP Stanoject

This anabolic agent is most often used in combination with other anabolic steroids. The purpose of use, in most cases is to obtain a high quality muscles and increase the efficiency of the athletes power.

What steroids combine Sp Stanoject from Sp Laboratories? There are many options. For example, a very popular choice is a combination with Testosterone Propionate. The doses are as follows: 50 mg of Stanozolol once a day or once every two days, Testosterone - 50-100 mg every two days. In order to minimize possible side effects and improve outcome, you should add Clenbuterol to this cycle. You can find more information on how to use them on our forum . Another cycle is :  Vinstrol (Stanozolol injections of 50 mg per day), often combined with reception of Nandrolone (about 200 mg per week) and Turinabol (40 mg daily). Or you can do it using  Oxandrolone (50 mg per day). You can find many other combinations and learn more about the drugs on our forum. Separately, we note that the recommended dose of Winstrol - is 50-100 mg. Injected usually once a day or every two days. The average cycle time is about 6 full weeks. In general, such a cycle and the duration are enough for an athlete to increase the strength and quality improvement in muscle.


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