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Pharma Bold 300 (Pharmacom Labs) Boldenone

PharmaBold 300 from Pharmacom Labs is a steroid that has anabolic and androgenic effects. It is actively used in bodybuilding and pourrifluting, providing a quality increase in muscle mass. Its post-injection properties include increased appetite, improved oxygen transport in the blood, increased muscle stiffness and relief, and increased athletic performance.

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What PharmaBold 300 Pharmacom Labs is: product description

The active ingredient of the steroid is Boldenone Undecylenate, a modification of the natural testosterone molecule. By altering the structure of chemical bonds between carbon atoms, scientists have halved the androgen properties of the substance by half compared to testosterone. The anabolic effect of PharmaBold 300 at the same time remains high.

The active ingredient of the drug has been developed for veterinary use. Since the 1950s it has been used for animals. Everywhere, the preparation is equally effective: animals can easily gain muscle mass. For a short time, the high anabolic properties and the small side effects of such anabolic steroids are highly appreciated by those who engage in power sports. Today the drug is completely "humanized" and for its veterinary use there are only memories. The spatial configuration of the steroid molecule has undergone significant changes due to the addition of the methyl group. Therefore, the adverse effects of PharmaBold 300 flavor in injections and newly developed analogues do not occur, there is no conversion to dihydrotestosterone and no liver toxicity is observed. A big plus of the drug is the fact that it does not greatly reduce the production of natural testosterone and, as far as this property is concerned, it very much resembles the well-known athletes nandrolone. In its structure, the steroid has some resemblance to methane dione, which differ in the location of the ether group.

The recommended dosage and injection method of PharmaBold 300 allows you to upload up to 8 kg of superior muscle within the steroid cycle. Growth is quite slow and the immediate effect is not characteristic of boldenone. On the other hand, athletes leave pretty good opinions about the preparation, praising it does not have side effects and is of very high quality. The drug has a poor renormalizability, so there is a certain risk of developing gynecomastia. To prevent possible undesirable side effects, athletes should take anti-estrogens at the end of the long course. PharmaBold fluid acts on cellular mechanisms by stimulating protein synthesis in tissues and erethropoietin in the blood.

The muscles get more oxygen and work more efficiently. He appears on doping tests about 4 months after the course. Another feature of this AAS is that it does not require the use of fixative preparations after the course and the accumulated weight remains for a long time. At the pharmacy, unfortunately, liquid PharmaBold cannot be found, and the instructions describe only the medical aspect of the medicine. But the information is transmitted by an athlete to an athlete and the popularity of the drug is constantly growing. The high cost of the preparation for some may be the only drawback of this unique steroid. In all other relationships, it is at the top of the steroids to dry muscle mass.

How to take PharmaBold 300

The active substance has a fairly prolonged action and functions in the blood within 15 days. It is therefore enough to inject the preparation only once a week. While conducting the PharmaBold course, it should be borne in mind that it takes time to get it started. Due to this feature, the first two weeks of the course require increased doses. The PharmaBold 300 Pharmacom Labs application is conducted in a 4-8 week cycle, with an intensive entry and a smooth exit from the course. Weekly doses of the drug range from 200 to 1000 mg, depending on the athlete's training level. Typically, athletes use a 600 mg dose, this injection being relatively safe regarding side effects and giving a tangible anabolic result. Women can also use this grounding. The 50-100 mg dose per week does not cause androgenic side effects and is recommended for the gentle sex. The PharmaBold 300 course is versatile and combined with other anabolic steroids. The combinations of trenbolone, testosterone propionate and stanozolol are the most effective. Stanosolol and trenbolone will help maximize muscle growth, leaving them dry, healthy and solid. The course, in turn, in connection with testosterone esters will give increased weight gain, which will slightly affect the quality of the muscles.

PharmaBold: Reviews

PharmaBold leaves its opinion mainly athletes who use it to increase the dry muscle mass. The reviews of the preparation left on our forum characterize it as a good anabol with minimal side effects, provided that the recommended dosages are followed. Since the drug has been used for a long time, finding out about it on the internet is quite easy. Interestingly, there are opinions about the drug and the fair sex representatives successfully pursuing boldenone undecylenate courses.

According to PharmaBold, the course does not lead to the appearance of acne, skin fats, increased hair that is so characteristic of testosterone esters. Most athletes have only increased pressure and weak estrogenic manifestations. But when taking anti-estrogens, as recommended by experienced athletes, gynecomastia and water retention and fat accumulation are excluded. One of the main things to do during the course is to follow a good sports diet and conduct intensive workouts in the gym. Reviews of the preparation must be read by novice athletes and amateur athletes as they can answer all their questions. In addition, our forum is attended by experienced professionals who will help them understand all the intricacies of taking the medicine, and help them organize an individual course of treatment, depending on the athlete's level of experience.

Where can I buy PharmaBold 300

If you do not know where to buy PharmaBold so that the quality and cost of the medicine is perfect, please contact our online store. All the products presented in our catalog are purchased by manufacturers first hand, have a manufacturer's quality guarantee and a minimum trade margin. Buying this anabolic product in our online store is absolutely reliable, we provide a high level of confidentiality when buying and the service is completely anonymous.

The online store is open 24/7 and you can make the desired purchase regardless of weekends and holidays. Our managers will process your order in the shortest possible time and send it by courier to the specified address. To purchase PharmaBold 300, just a few mouse clicks are sufficient, and then we guarantee the product's performance and high score. This medicine will be the best choice for an athlete who wants to get high-quality muscle and increase his strength.

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