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Oxandrolonos (Pharmacom Labs) Anavar 100 tablets

Oxandrolonos 10mg, manufactured by Pharmacom Labs, is a modern steroid with active ingredient oxandrolone that can be purchased in Europe from our site. This anabolic steroid has a high popularity in the field of sports because it has a variety of and significant positive effects such as: increased muscle relief, increased energy performance and a big fat burning effect.

The most common use of a steroid can be found in sports practice. He is in great demand among various types of sports, especially in bodybuilding and athletics.

Anavar from Pharmacom Labs

Anavar is a dihydrotestosterone derivative but the molecule in the second carbon atom is replaced by an oxygen atom and is methylated at the 17-position. It boasts high anabolic activity (anabolic activity index - 400% of testosterone) and minimal androgenic activity - only 25% of endogenous testosterone. Synthesis of the oxandrolone steroid, based on which many of today's drugs were still in the mid-20th century. Specifically, it was developed and marketed in the US in 1964 for use in medical applications. Anabolic is intended to be used to increase muscle mass in abnormalities associated with the loss and / or treatment of HIV and AIDS.

The popularity and spread of the drug in sports is easy to explain - a number of effects that may be useful for athletes:

• Increased muscle hardness

• Significant increase in energy performance

 • Increased growth hormone

• Significant fat burning effect

It is important to say that all analogues of this steroid have no strange side effects. It rightfully belongs to the safest products used in sports practice. In particular, this steroid does not cause aromatization and therefore the athlete may not worry about side effects of estrogenic nature, such as gynecomastia, increased fat or fluid retention.

Androgenic activity is minimal for Oxandronolone by Pharmacom Labs, and therefore the side effects associated with it do not appear (pimples of acne, oily skin, body hair, hair loss of the head - all of these side effects are excluded).

Storage: After storage, store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.

Steroid Cycle with Oxandrolonos from Pharmacom Labs

In sports practice, this drug is usually used in long steroid cycles to improve the quality of muscle mass (fat-free relief) and increase in strength. At the same time it can be used effectively by men and women. However, a small dose (about 20-30 mg) is recommended for athletes. The recommended dosage for men oxandrolone is up to 40 mg per day (usually about 20-30 mg).

 Take the medicine on a daily basis because the drug breaks down quickly but does not have a very long-lasting effect - from 8 to 12 hours after ingestion. The average duration of a steroid cycle with anavar is 6-8 full weeks.

Individual Oxandrolone intake is rarely performed. In most cases, for the best results, athletes combine the drug with other steroids. The choice of the specific combination must be based primarily on the athlete's pursued goal, financial capacity and experience.

 A cycle with Anavar and Testosterone propionate can be chosen by beginners looking for quality and growth of muscle strength. This is a relatively safe combination with excellent results that will be observed very quickly. Another possible good combination is stanozolol. Monitor the condition of joints and tendons and do not overestimate your ability during heavy workouts.

Demand of Anavar - Oxandrolonos

The best and latest sports stimulants, including this steroid, can be ordered in all Europe from our site. The shopping from makes every effort to ensure the best quality of service and low prices for European athletes. Here you can order anabolic steroids, anti-estrogens, peptides and many other preparations. It is important that you can buy oxandrolone here, confident that you will eventually get the original product. What is the warranty? We work only with highly reliable suppliers who can not afford fraud or work error. As a result, it can be said that the products come to us "first hand". - a reliable store. If you decide to place an order for oxandrolone or any other medicine, you can be sure that the confidential information you send us is protected. A secure SSL connection is being installed on the site that is constantly improving. Therefore, when purchasing sports stimulants, you will surely remain anonymous.

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