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Nandrolone D (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) 10 ampules

Nandrolone D is a injectable steroid with high anabolic and low androgenic effect. The active ingredient is Nandrolone Decanonate. In one ampul of 1ml, the concentration is 200 mg / ml. By stimulating protein synthesis, it creates a positive nitrogen balance, causes an increase in growth of muscle tissue and helps strengthen the bones. This is accompanied by increasing the energy and stamina during accelerated  recovery processes. The drug retains activity for 14 days after injection. The recommended doses enhance the immunity, and its other favorable feature is that is safe for the liver and other organs.


Nandrolone D Balkan Pharmaceuticals: Description and Application

Nandrolone Decanonate Balkan Pharma - The active ingredient of the drug began to be used in the early 60s of the 20th century. It was used to treat various diseases related to violation of the anabolic processes in the body, insufficient production of its own hormones, as well as anemia, chronic infections and severe trauma after surgery. Almost simultaneously with the clinical application, Deca Durabolin started to be used in the sports pharmacology for increasing strength, building up muscle mass and faster muscle recovery.

For male athletes the injection of Deca Durabolin is one of the most effective ways to gain muscle mass. It provides a maximum possible increase in muscle mass and power performance with minimum risk and virtually no side effects. Deca Durabolin from Balkan Pharmaceuticals encourages  the formation of male sexual characteristics, and has a negative impact on the production of androgen testosterone, so boys before puberty should take it in moderation, preferably under the supervision of a doctor. We advise women to take this anabolic steroid cautiously, in minimal doses and in the short duration of the cycle to avoid obvious signs of virilization. To get the expected result of the preparation, you need hard training and good recovery. You must follow your sports regime and take  proper sports nutrition.


Nandrolone D: Cost of preparation and price cycle

If you have decided to start a cycle of Deca Durabolin, it's time to consider whether to take it alone or in combination.  Also where to place an order and how many weeks it takes one cycle?

The active ingredient works  up to 14 days, so to maintain the working concentration you need to take one or two Nandrolone D doses per week. The recommended dosage is 200 to 600 mg. The recommended duration of the cycle 6-7 weeks. During this period of active workout, weight gain can reach up to 10 kg. Effective combination with Winstrol, will help build quality muscle and consolidation of the achieved results. For muscle mass, the most effective combination is with  Oxymetholone or Metandienon. Taken together, these products give better results than the sum of their effects when taken separately. After the termination of the anabolic cycle, reduction in the body weight is rarely observable or is minimal. For greater reassurance you can use drugs with anti-catabolic effect, like Clenbuterol. To some extent,  it will increase the price cycle, but in some cases is justified.

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