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Methenolone Enanthate (Biotech Beijing) 10ml

Methenolone Enanthate (100 mg / ml, 10 ml) of Biotech Beijing is a steroid that is characterized by moderate anabolic and mild androgenic effects with prolonged action. The active ingredient of the preparation is the substance Metenolone enant. The product is used extensively in power sports to achieve good muscle growth (in steroid cycles for mass collection or, conversely, drying courses).

Important! Biotech Beijing products are accompanied by IDs to confirm their original origin. You can check the authenticity of the manufacturer's product if you enter the unique characters you find on the packaging on the special page of the official company website (at This way, you can be sure that you have acquired the original product you paid for. The site has a counter that captures and shows how many specific ID symbols are entered. offers only original products from different constructers:

Primobolan Biotech: specifics and properties

Methanolone (the active substance in the product) is a non-aromatic steroidal anabol, a structurally-chemical derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The steroid profile of Primobolan Biotech is as follows: anabolic index - 88% of testosterone, androgen index - 44% of testosterone; duration of activity - up to 14-16 days, time for detection in the body - not less than 5 weeks; conversion to estrogens - no; suppression of the HPTA function - yes but weak; progestagen activity - no; liver toxicity - not or minimal.

What action Primobolan does it recruit while intake? As a rule, the effect of the drug is very pronounced and complex: firstly, no excess fluid or fat accumulation is observed. The preparation stimulates the quality of muscle growth; Secondly, increases in working capacity, burning of fat, increased hardness and the relief of muscles are registered. As a sports doping, the drug is most sought after when it comes to rapid drying, when the primary goal is to obtain stiffness and relief of muscles. When used for mass collection purposes, the preparation plays an important role, but as a component, not as a major steroid, such as with oxymetholone or methandienone.

Who can be attributed to Bio hotel by Primobolan? Athletes with every level of experience - from beginners to racing professionals. Methenolone enanthate is a relatively safe steroid hormone for both men and women, but it is imperative to follow the recommendations - proper dosage, periodicity and duration of use. Rarely during the course, androgenic side effects (acne, oily skin, increased aggression, some others), and estrogenic or progestogenic side effects (from water retention to gynecomastia) are totally excluded. In other words, it is one of the best steroid hormones in terms of the relation between the expected results and the risks.

The storage conditions of the product can be seen in the short description, but it is important to .

Steroid Cycle and Dosage of Primobolan from Biotech Beijing

The steroid induction cycle can effectively last up to 8-12 weeks, and later (after 12 weeks) the positive effect begins to translate into side effects. The optimal dose of the drug is chosen individually, otherwise it may be exceeded or insufficient. Both are unacceptable for the athlete! On average, men are advised to place 300-400 mg (3-4 ml) per week, divided into divided doses on different days, for example on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For women, the use of more than 50-100 mg (0.5-1 ml) is not recommended for one week because at higher doses there is a risk of massaging the body (increased aggression, voice thickening, clitoral hypertrophy and other symptoms).

Let's look at several examples of combined courses. You need to become acquainted with them because combinations are the main way of using Methenolone Enantate for sports purposes. The first example is intended for beginners and medium-sized competitors, the latter for medium-sized and experienced athletes. Both combinations are designed for quality muscle growth without fat accumulation or water retention.

  1. Primobolan Biotech with Boldenone (as desired) and oxandrolone (optional brand) - the dosage of the active substances generally does not exceed 300 mg per week, 600 mg per week and 40-60 mg per day, respectively. At the exit, continue to take oxandrolone (40-60 mg a day). Post-course therapy - tamoxifen (20-30 mg daily) is used.
  2. Primobolan Biotech with trenbolone acetate (optional trade mark) and testosterone propionate (optional brand name). Doses are usually limited to 300-400 mg weekly, 75-100 mg every 2 days and 100-150 mg every 3 days, respectively. At the exit, continue to use testosterone propionate (100-150 mg every 3 days or 100 mg every 2 days, respectively). After therapy, add clomiphene (daily 50-100 mg)

Necessary visit the forum of our online store if the use of Primobolan Biotech raises any questions. In the forum there are qualified consultants who are familiar with the Metenol Enantate and the products of Biotech Beijing Pharmaceuticals. They will quickly provide the necessary recommendations.

Reviews for Methenolone Enanthate by Biotech

We haven’t had complaints about Biotech Beijing products from the network so far. In other words, reviews of their products are mostly positive. The preparation (Primobolan Biotech) is described as working, not inferior to the quality of the analogs of some of the leading brands and a relatively safe steroid. It performs well when used in combined courses, but solo is unlikely to be able to deliver the best results compared to products like testosterone, trenbolone or oxymetholone. If you are interested in "firsthand" analyses, we recommend that you visit our forum.

Primobolan Biotech: Buying from the Internet

Why is Biotech the pride of mind to order from There are many reasons, but the two most important are reliability and affordability. On our site you can find a wide range of products for virtually any purpose - from anabolic to returners, and you can buy each of them without absolutely no risk and at a pleasant or rather fair price. Buying Primobolan from Biotech Beijing is reliable, first due to the integrated online security system that provides a modern anti-DDoS and a secure FLC connection. All this eliminates the risk of leakage of information transmitted during the registration of the order. This means that our clients remain anonymous. Secondly, we only cooperate with trusted suppliers and work directly with many official workshops.

In other arguments, all sports pharmacology comes to us "firsthand". Our preparation is affordable, and this is provided by a favorable price for Primobolan Biotech that we can offer. In addition, you can enjoy regular promotions, a flexible system of discounts and a partner program. To see the details, go to the section "Questions and Answers".

Overall, after more than 5 years of work, our online store has a clear reputation. This is confirmed by several client recommendations that you can find in the relevant section of the site ("History and Reviews") or in the forum.

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