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Metaxon (Malay Tiger) Methandrostenolone 100 tablets

Steroid Metaxon - An excellent oral steroid. Its main active ingredient is Metandienon, which has a direct effect on the metabolism of proteins, which leads to improved nitrogen balance and strengthens the physical condition of the body. Furthermore, it normalizes blood pressure and stimulates calcium for faster absorption by the bone tissue.

Metaxon: Effects and Properties

This anabolic steroid has a highlighted anabolic and androgenic effect on the body, stimulating the growth of muscle mass and strength. It's a flawless way to get set of muscles. Metaxon of Malay Tiger works not only fast, but also very safe. In the first weeks of the cycle of taking this medication, athletes say that there is a remarkable improvement in muscle mass.

Tablets Metaxon retain much water - about 30% and it is possible for side-effects to occur. Howerver, some athletes consider this as a plus, because the extra fluid builds up in the joints and prevents injury or trauma  during exercise.  In order to avoid the accumulation of excess water, it must be combined anti- estrogens such as Proviron and Clomiphene.

It is important to note, that the effect of Metaxon 10mg is not only in the development of physical characteristics, but also in the improvement of sports performance. It is characterized by its anti-catabolic effect, which is very important for athletes who constantly strive to develop optimal body shape. Also, when using this drug, a fat burning effect can be observed. Intake of Methandrostenolone combined with  a low carbohydrate diet can result in achieving high quality and strong muscles.

How to use the tablets Metaxon - Malay Tiger

It is a widespread and quite popular drug for increasing muscle mass and not surprisingly is used by athletes practicing various sports. Metaxon 10mg is absorbed very quickly and is valid for 4-5 hours (half the life of Metandienon). Therefore, to achieve maximum effect and to prevent the drop, it must be taken three times a day after meals (10-20mg daily, depending on the athlete). The dosage for Metaxon can be determined depending on the type of sport (bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc.), the preparation of an athlete, age, weight and even individual abilities. Usually the steroid is taken in doses from 30 to 50 mg per day. First, it is necessary, to understand that the size of the dose and the application requires a highly individual approach. So if you are a beginner, the dose should not exceed 20-30 mg per day. In the initial stages, even those amounts will help you achieve a significant improvement.

Metan Malay Tiger: Combination with other steroids

If you feel a reduce in the activity of the steroid, it is not necessary to increase the dose. Instead it is better to try combinations with other androgens. Our advice, taken from the opinion of many athletes, is that the most used combinations are Nandrolone Decanoate (amounts of 200-400 mg per week) or Sustanon -(250-500 mg per week). For experienced athletes these preparations can be increased to 400-600mg per week and the dose of methane to about  50mg per day. If you are more interested in increasing the productivity of energy, you can combine with Metaxon + Winstrol or Anavar. In terms of muscle mass, the most effective solution is to combine drugs with long-acting testosterone or Sustanon 250, as already noted in the amount of 250-500 mg per week.

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