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Multi Testo 350 (GEP) Testosterone Blend

Multi Testo 350 is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company General European Pharmaceuticals (GEP). It’s a mixture of the most effective testosterone esters and it’s oil-based. The active ingredients used in this mix are proven sports steroids such as Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Decanoate and Iso carbonat. Thanks to them, the steroid becomes highly anabolic and has a androgenic activity with large, long effects on the body of the athlete.

Most used in the field of sports practice. Athletes use the steroid for its rapid increase in body mass and strength, and also to improve and the volumes of successful recovery and endurance. Sustanon is very useful in medicine also. Testosterone has been used effectively in replacement therapies, also when there is a lack of gonadal function for men and for women who have menopausal issues. It is also used in the treatment of certain types of tumors.

The beneficial effects and the impact of Multi Testo 350

Describing the steroid, we must first state, that any form of testosterone has a varying extent of absorption and thereby will maintain constant high levels of anabolic hormones in the blood. Another proof for the usefulness of this steroid is, that frequent injections are not needed. It’s medicinal effect last long enough (up to three weeks), and injections are usually placed only once a week.

Multi Testo 350 GEP is characterized by various and most importantly, positive effects:

* The product provides a rapid increase in weight, due to the protein synthesis.

* It has a significant anti-catabolic effect

* Increases appetite

* Increases the number of red blood cells and improves blood formation

* Increases oxygen transport in the body

* Significantly increases strength and endurance voluime

* Improves the libido, during the cycle

* Improves mood and overall vitality

Important: Note that Multi Testo 350 is only recommended for men, female athletes should not use this steroid. It’s not suitable for women because they may encounter effects such as virilization. In particular, the change in tone of voice, change in the body (forms a male pattern), hair growth on the face and body, as well as other quite serious consequences.

The storing place of Multi Testo 350 of General European Pharmaceuticals must be in a dry, dark place, out of reach of light and moisture. Also make sure that the drug is well hidden in a reliable way, out of reach of children and pets.

Cycle MultiTesto 350 of GEP

As already noted in the description, this steroid is used mainly in the field of sports practice. Mainly used in steroid cycles which pursue the production of massive muscle mass and weight gain, with little emphasis on quality. Sustanon from GEP is rarely used solo, in most cases it is combined with other steroid preparations to achieve better results.

How to take Multi Testo and what steroids should be combined with?

The options are many, but if you primarily want to achieve greater weight gain, then it is best to combine the reception with Nandrolone and Methane.

In particular, these are our instructions for the use of Multi Testo 350 from GEP: Sustanon - 250-500 mg per week, Nandrolone Decanoate - 200-400 mg per week, Metandienon - about 30 mg per day. You can minimize the potential adverse effects of this cycle, by using anti-estrogens such as Proviron and hCG (Pregnil).

On the other hand, if you are looking for the development of great strength and endurance, you can combine this steroid with Boldenone and Turinabol. The doses are as follows: Turinabol - about 50 mg per day, Boldenon - about 400 mg per week, Sustanon - 250 mg per week. After the cycle use hCG (Pregnil) and Proviron.


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