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HGH Fragment (Nove Pharm) 5 mg 176 191 hormone

HGH Fragment – this is a peptide that activates the process of fat burning and is twelve times more effective than growth hormone itself. In addition, it blocks the formation of new fat, without causing adverse effects on the human body. Also this fat burner is much cheaper than growth hormone injection, and most other drugs for weight loss.

The peptides called HGH Fragment, was discovered by American researchers. The most widely spread in the sports Pharmacology drug only after production began to be produced by major Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Today this product is successfully used both in the gym and power sports and medicine (one of the most effective means for treatment of obesity).

What is HGH Fragment 5 mg Nove Pharm: description and characteristics?

The main impact of the drug occurs due to barriers of growth hormone receptors and increases the activity of Beta-3-andrenoreceptorite that start the process of the burning of body fat (lipolysis). The main advantage of this product, with its analogous do not boast is its absolute safety.

So when falling into the human body even when used over a long period of time, HGH Frag (176-191) does not lead to a manifestation of insulin resistance. In other words, the drug has no effect on blood sugar, which does not lead to the onset of diabetes or worsening of symptoms of this disease. This ability, which is endowed with the hormone is called selective effect.

In this preparation are gone, side effects, inherent to most means of burning fat: HGH Fragment has no influence on the process of recovery and growth of the tissues and fully protect the people who take it from the risk of the formation and development of tumors.

Overall, the positive properties of HGH 176-191 5 mg, which are confirmed by the laboratory and clinical tests are the following:

• very powerful effect on fat burning without hyperplasia of the authorities and increase blood sugar levels;

• Delay the aging process;

• anti-aging effect of HGH injections Frag (improving the quality of hair and skin);

• Increase energy and stamina in General;

• strengthen the skeletal structure of the body (the process of mineralization).

It should be noted that in order to be the use of the fragment of growth hormone efficiently is necessary compliance with low-calorie diet. It is known that the intake of junk food leads to elevated levels of insulin, and it is a hormone that prevents the process of lipolysis (due to this, incidentally, is forbidden to eat before and after insulin injection).

It is necessary to note, that while using HGH 176-191 don't have to worry about the expression of catabolic processes. It stimulates the release of fatty acids, complete energy reserves and in such conditions is just katabolizmt impossible. In other words, it is an indirect anti-catabolic agent. Even if that is not its main effect the preparation in all cases is useful for athletes, both during the observance of the diet, and in the periods of muscle mass upload.

• Increase energy and stamina in General;

• strengthen the skeletal structure of the body (the process of mineralization).

Important: use of this pharmaceutical product by women is justified and absolutely really innocuous, as reported by the instruction and as confirmed by studies. Scientifically proven is, čepreparatt has no negative impact on male and female organism. But! It is impossible to say what will be the positive effects of HGH 176-191 exerted on the weaker sex, and whether he will ever occur. In any case, women face the problem of being overweight, it is recommended to try using this fat burner. In the event that it proves to be ineffective or less effective, you can always stop using it (the substance is not addictive).

Studies of the drug are held for more than a year and still continue. Clinical trials shall be carried out on people of different genders, age and physiological groups. So far, there are no side effects of HGH 176-191. The only thing worth mentioning is a mild redness and, in rare cases, a burning sensation in the area of injection. In general the side effects from the use of such means in most cases are the result of incorrect combination with other pharmacological agents. But that's not an excuse to abuse the dosing or preparation is to be used outside the recommended period.

The advantage of this fat burner and easier storage: HGH injections Fragment for a short period (1-2 months) must be stored at a temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius in the dark and dry place (not to disturb the tightness of the box). When the temperature is-18-20 degrees powder can be stored up to several years (for greater reliability it is recommended that the storage temperature is below-40 degrees).

It turns out that, as regards those qualities the preparation there is no flaws. Yes, buying the substance from the pharmacy is impossible. It must be ordered over the Internet, where it is freely accessible to everyone. And its price, though much lower than that of growth hormone is significant. But that doesn't matter when there are so many useful effects and most importantly the powerful fat burning.

Course with HGH Fragment (176-191) and its characteristics

Safety – this is one of the main aspects of the preparations, which are injected. And use of this peptide, which provides a powerful fat burning is no exception. Before taking HGH 176-191, make sure that you add the medicine properly. For example, before making the solution temperature of the vial should reach room (you can leave the box for half an hour in a dark place out of the fridge). Also, before you make the solution in the vial should be let go air (a few minutes kislorodtnâma to inflict damage on the substance). On dissolution must avoid direct falling of the solvent in the dust (the solvent must pass through the wall of the bottle). The contents of the vial may in no case shake vigorously (do not try to speed up the process of dissolution of the drug, a better place it in the fridge for a while). Without interference pertinent solution is very stable and can be stored in the refrigerator for 15 days without losing its effectiveness.

The storage temperature is from 2 to 4, maybe 8 degrees Celsius.

Application of hormone HGH 176-191 may be based on several different solvent: water for injection, saline. solution, water for injection with B12, bacteriostatic water, etc. It is recommended that the use of the bactericidal water that includes benzyl alcohol. Bactericidin water kills the bacteria and prolongs the shelf life of the solution. This is a significant plus when done. The purchase of bactericidal water, by the way, it is possible in our shop.

If you are not sure how to inject HGH 176-191, or don't know where do sting, it's best to listen to our advice. It is recommended that the drug be injected subcutaneously (in the abdomen), using an insulin syringe with the split of 100 units. Of course, the injections require precise dosing, which depends on the training days and days of vacation. The optimal daily intake is within the MCG 250-1000. HGH Fragment rate itself (176-191) should not take more than a month 2-3. In order to ensure the most suitable conditions for the action of the drug and to burn fat, you need to follow a diet and to consume enough protein. The injections are usually applied between feedings.

In General, there are two schemes for the use of HGH 176-191 Frag as a tool for weight loss.

During exercise:

• First injection-200 micrograms of the drug is applied one hour before breakfast;

• second injection-200 micrograms of the drug is applied one hour before noon;

• third injection-200 micrograms of the drug is applied half an hour before the workout.


• First injection-200 micrograms of the drug is applied one hour before breakfast;

• second injection-200 micrograms of the drug is applied one hour before noon;

• third injection-200 micrograms of the drug is applied at bedtime


HGH reviews Frag (176-191) of athletes

This preparation is used in the gym and medicine already for a long time and there are a number of examples that confirm its high efficiency. Opinions about HGH Fragment 5 mg Nove Pharm (176-191), published in the forums are also extremely positive. Beginners and experienced riders who have purchased their highest mark peptide results, and most importantly, believe that this is an excellent fat burner.


Reviews for HGH 176-191 serve not only to confirm the effectiveness of the drug, they can be used as an invaluable source of information. So, after reading the reviews, you can find out what kind of doses is best to use the preparation, how to run the course and of course how to achieve maximum results in weight loss.

Generally, once you see all available information for the drug it will be possible to agree with people. We will ensure that the other as effective and safe as 176-191 HGH brio Fett and soon there won't be. If you need to get in shape in no time and to lose weight, it is best to use this preparation.


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