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HGH Aviva Human Growth Hormone 45 ui

This product is recombinant growth hormone (HGH) somatropin produced by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in America-Aviva Systems Biology (the company is engaged in the development and manufacturing of products of biotechnology and genetic engineering). In the composition of a substance are included in the 191 amino acids, linked chain. The drugs, produced by the American manufacturer from 2005 onwards are in accordance with all international manufacturing GMP standards.

Aviva HGH currently is among the most popular and effective means, which are based on growth hormone and is on one level with medications such as Genotropin and Humatrop. An ampoule of 40UI (UI-international unit of measurement) contains exactly 13.3 mg of (growth hormone), having an anabolic effects on other positive people.

What is HGH from Aviva: description and properties of the drug?

Functionally this drug is a powerful pharmacological agent that affects multiple systems of the human body. The preparation is able to stimulate somatically and linear development of the body, which is extremely helpful both in childhood (during adolescence), and at the time of the complete formation of the body. Kigtropint also speeds up the metabolism of the internal organs.

Studies have shown that properly recommended dose HGH can cause lipolysis (fat burning). This means that the drug may also be used as a fat burner. In addition, the injections provide more stable work of the adrenal glands, thyroid, thymus and other glands, stimulate the growth of new active muscle tissue.

The drug turns out a number of other positive effects. In particular Aviva HGH (40 units) has a significant impact on the speed and quality of the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the human body. This provides a more powerful production of collagen in a number of tissues (bones, skin, hair, etc.). Preparation leads to accelerated degradation of carbohydrate food to glucose. The effect of the hormone prolongs the life of the amino acids (reduces the amount of enzymes responsible for the degradation).

Basically because of the many positive effects of HGH use is recommended in the following cases:

• Anabolic and sporting purposes. HGH injections promote rapid increase in muscle mass, improve strength, endurance and speed indicators;

• To counter the growth in teenagers and children, who are facing a shortage of the human growth hormone. In particular, he struggles with growth hormone deficiency, the reason for that deficiency is the so-called Seresevski Syndrome-Turner, or kidney failure;

• burn fat and reduce their concentration in the body (particularly Aviva HGH effectively fight the fat that accumulates in the abdominal area);

• Rejuvenation of the body. Therapeutic effect of the product provides improved characteristics of skin and hair, and ensure the recovery of the body tissues during periods of intense physical or psychological load;

• To normalize the work of the heart and overall improvement of cardiovascular activity;

• To stimulate mental activity and enhance mental ability. Recent studies have shown that injecting this substance helps to improve memory in children and adults, and enhances the capacity of mental activity;

• To increase the protective properties of the organism and stimulate the immune system.

HGH, as well as his own variation of sblûdavanoto require a strict diet to visokokalorična may exhibit their maximum impact. Athletes who adopt the preparation must eat 5 to 6 times per day and to consume no more than three liters of fluid a day (given the and liquids entering the body in the form of food). Note: portions during food diet must be smooth and not receive excess, since it leads to an increase in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Side effects of HGH are rare and are a bit. The negative effect of the medication in most cases, is manifested in the adoption of high doses.  Too high doses or too frequent adoption of the substance can cause the so-called tunnel syndrome (numbness in the extremities), water retention in the body, Hyperglycemia (elevated levels of glucose) and high blood pressure.

The use of this hormone in women athletes is low razučen problem. It is known that the drug is actively used by women for therapeutic and pharmacological purposes. However, it is difficult to tell how strong are the side effects, in the event that a woman decides to use the preparation with the purpose of growth and development of the muscles and improve the strength and endurance (the doses used in sports are about two times higher than those that are used in medicine, therefore, the negative impact on the female organism can be twice as loud).

Such pharmaceutical products must be stored in places, protected from direct sunlight. It is best to store medicine in the refrigerator where the temperature varies between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. In such an environment the hormone loses its dissolved not efficiency for at least 12 months.

Maximum effective use of HGH Aviva 40 units.

The adoption of this preparation does not require any special knowledge in the field of medicine. It is imperative, however, to respect the safety and sterility during storage and the acceptance of the drug.

Prior to the adoption of growth hormone athlete must have a clear idea in what quantities, how and where it is necessary to Gores, what should be the maximum duration of the course, what dose of this medicine to use and how to dissolve the preparation.

• How dissolves HGH? It is very easy. First you need to make sure that the temperature of the vial with the drug meets the room. Secondly, you need to hook up with alcohol bottle cap in order to disinfect. Third, the solvent should fall into the vial of the drug slowly and smoothly: the injected liquid should flow evenly to the sides of the bottle. Fourth, wait until the drug is dissolved; do not shake the contents of the vial or bottle. The fifth download liquid from the small bottle and give her the most.

The election of a "solvent" for injection, on which to base the course with HGH is Aviva responsible decision. The drug can dissolve substances – in three types of saline solution, bactericidal water and water injection. If you do not know how to dilute the hormone or not, who can be fluid for determine exactly injections to use, listen to our advice: it is best to use water, bactericidal. Only with her medication will not lose their properties for three weeks. In addition, the water contains bactericidal benzyl alcohol and kill all the bacteria. If the course is based on water for injections (sterile liquid without color, odor and taste that are sold in pharmacies) or saline (sodium chloride 0.9), the period of storage after dilution is a maximum of 5 days. In any case, the hormone is best stored at a temperature of not less than 2 and not more than 6 ° c (do not freeze).

Where and how to inject growth hormone? This also is not particularly complicated. The drug is injected subcutaneously, for example, in the abdomen (the needle should be placed in the gap between the abdominal muscles and skin). For more convenience you can use insulin syringes with partition of 100 units.

The rate of adoption of Kigtropin has two schemes. The first scheme is used for therapeutic and healing purposes, for example, to prevent deficit growth hormone. The second scheme is anabolic with the activity of the drug, and as a result the upload of muscle mass, growth strength and endurance.

Therapeutic (curative) course:

• 2-3 units per day (about 15 units a week);

• Or 1.5-2.0 units of drug per day for men and women over the age of the average.

HGH doses when the objectives are anabolic are much higher. Usually, the "sports" course starts with doses of 2 IU per day (higher incidence of injection is not useful). Then, in the second or third week it is good to introduce some changes-the dose is increased to 3 units per day, but only if the first week is not observed side effects. If the negative effects of the drug begins to manifest itself, the course must continue with a dose of 2 units.

The optimal rate of adoption of HGH Aviva is 2 units in bodybuilding looks as follows:

-In the first week – 2 units of substance

-After the 2nd-3rd week (until the end of the course) – 3-4 units of the substance (2 units if side effects occur, and 4 units if they are missing).

If the first week occur serious side effects taking the preparation should be discontinued. The maximum duration of the course is 6 months and the minimum – 3. After the completion of reception should be rest assured of at least a few weeks.

Opinions about HGH 40 IU Aviva in bodybuilding and other power sports

Generally, overseas the hormone Aviva is extremely popular, both because of the optimal combination of quality, performance and price, and because of the huge number of positive effects. As it says in the comments for the hormone from Aviva, the drug can be used in medicine and in sports. It has therapeutic, healing and stimulating effect on multiple systems in the body. Athletes who leave their comments indicate that this drug helps to build muscle mass, eliminates the accumulation of fat and improves the strength, endurance and speed. The people who use it for medical purposes, they talk about it as one of the most effective medications that are struggling with shortfalls of growth hormone.

The buyers like and almost the complete safety of the drug. After reading the reviews about this hormone, you will notice that in compliance with the recommendations for use, it does not cause side effects. Most of them occur only if you take too much hormone or doing it too often.


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