Hygetropin 100 ui Human Growth Hormone

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Hygetropin 100 UI Human Growth Hormone

Hygetropin – this is a preparation, which is a recombinant growth hormone. He is a full analogue of natural human growth hormone. The preparation is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Biopharm Co Hygene Zhongshan (China) and can be effectively used as a therapeutic agent not only in medicine, but also to achieve good performance.

Hygetropin can be checked by entering the code for checking the website of the company-manufacturer. When you find the security code on the package and follow the steps, you will receive a confirmation that you have purchased a genuine product.

Growth hormone Hygetropin

The active ingredient of this vehicle is identical to the natural hormone of the growth and have the same effect. Human growth hormone is a polypeptide, which is produced by the pineal gland front (secretion and its peaks may decreases with age or is influenced by different factors). This gland in our body perform a number of functions, including participating in the process of growth and development that begin in the womb.

Hygetropin was created on this basis and represents an extremely powerful hormonal preparation. He was able to exert a strong anti-catabolic and anabolic effect through the degradation of proteins and increasing their synthesis, thereby reducing the fat tissues, increases the speed of the process of burning fat and improving relationship between muscle mass and fat. Also among the effects should be mentioned and muscle hyperplasia, an improved absorption of calcium from the bone tissue, the effect on the regulation of the metabolism of carbohydrates, but also immuno stimulating effect.

Hygetropin as doping means in bodybuilding and other kinds of sport can be very effective for increasing lean body mass, fat loss and formation of good muscle relief. It is also good to strengthen the individual structures of the body and the treatment of trauma and not only. These are just some of the possible reasons for people to start using the substance in the sports practice.

Young people and adolescents, in which are not yet closed bone growth zones can significantly increase the linear stature (growing up in height) If you take the medicine. This can happen primarily because of the accelerated development of the long bones of the limbs.

However, in some cases, Hygetropin can lead to undesirable side effects, especially for predisposition or violation of the recommended doses. Among the possible side effects from the use of the medicine we can list the following: tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fluid retention. Also there is a possible risk of hyperglycemia and suppression of thyroid function. Drug abuse can lead to strengthening the side effects at the expense of the desired effect.

How to store undiluted growth hormone Hygetropin 100 ui? Recommended conditions-temperature from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, in a dry and dark place. As a precaution, children and pets do not need to have access to it.

If you need a more complete description of the properties and effects of the drug, you can find such information in the package leaflet of the product. There you can get a detailed description.

Hygetropin 100 ui: method of application

In sports preparations containing growth hormone can be used by women for weight loss and other purposes, as well as by men for a variety of tasks. Efficacy of GH (growth hormone) is not subject to doubt and has long since proven not only by the reviewers, or research, and continued practical application.

For athletes, it is recommended the application of Hygetropin to be prolonged. The estimated duration of the course should be about 3 months. It may be slightly smaller or larger depending on the needs of the athlete. It's very individual. Excessive duration of application of the hormone will not bring practical benefits, since the body could learn not to its impact. On the contrary, this could lead to the emergence of unwanted consequences. After the end of the course with Hygetropin recommended rest for a period as was the period of intake of the drug. In other words, if the application is kept about 3 months ago, follows the break also has a duration of at least 2-3 months to recover sensitivity to growth hormone. Drug dose in sports it is recommended around 2-4 units per day. Doses may vary up or down depending on the experience and objectives of the athlete. The course in any case must begin with a minimum dose, gradually increasing the amount of the drug to reach necessary for whoever takes it.

The course of Hygetropin of course there are some contra-indications where application of the preparation is prohibited. The drug should not be taken when there is cancer in severe disease or infectious diseases, shock States, closed pineal glands. In women not recommended intake of growth hormone, when there is a pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The drug should be used in hypothyroidism, intracranial hypertension, and diabetes.

To select the most efficient means of acceptance of Hygetropin need to learn what preparations it is possible and necessary to combine. For this purpose, you may contact our consultants.

Hygetropin reviewers for the preparation

What you are talking about this preparation in the field of sport? The views of athletes in our website can serve as a confirmation of the effect that this hormone appears.

After reading reviews about Hygetropin 100 ui will be convinced that this is the original product. This is a drug that is produced in China. After purchase you can get official confirmation, as described at the beginning. According to the statements the preparation work and gives the desired effect to treatment or stabilization of the body as well as for the development of good sports shape depending on the application.

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Buying Hygetropin Growth Hormone

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