Growth Hormones

The theme "growth hormone" lately has become very popular among novice athletes. That's why we're going to try to tell as much as possible about growth hormone in a form accessible to all: for its side effects, its chemical and physical properties for the specifics of its implementation. Here we will talk about the use of growth hormone outside the boundaries of medicine.

In fact, HGH is a protein produced and synthesized in the anterior (front) part of the pituitary gland. GH (growth hormone)-is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The synthesis and secretion, which produces growth hormone somastonin and hipotalamuso provide releasing factor (which are reproduced from the hypothalamus). Growth hormone is reproduced throughout life and is extremely important as a 10 and 80 years (after the age of twenty years vzrastkoličestvoto of synthesis HR gradually decreases).

Human growth hormone

It's a well-known fact that growth hormone stimulates linear growth, but also the growth of your organs. He is able to increase the number and size of your cells and glands (thyroid, reproductive, etc.). Influences the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. HR increases the level of growth factors (IGF I and II), stabilizes the level of amino acids in the body and stimulates the production of collagen.

Effects of growth hormone on the human body.

Effects of growth hormone on the body is very extensive. To the above that may be added, enhanced glûkoneogeneza, facilitating the supply of glucose to the Renal vein, influencing the disintegration of fats (lipolysis-enhanced) and much, much more.

Effects of growth hormone on protein synthesis. The hormone can stimulate the supply of amino acids in the cells, especially in the muscles and increase the production of protein. As mentioned earlier, growth hormone positively affects on nitrogen balance in the body, which increases the protein synthesis and decreased urea levels (plasma) in the blood and urine. In addition, the hormone increases the synthesis of fatty acids (RNA, DNA).

Effects of growth hormone synthesis and secretion.

The secretion of hormones is influenced by many factors: stress, sleep, etc. The secretion of this hormone, as well as the secretion of other hormones produced by the pituitary gland have erratic, a recurring character (for example, in just a few hours the levels of growth hormone in the body can be changed several times). It is interesting that peak levels are precisely in the period of sleep. So to the promoters the secretion of hormones may be included: anxiety, cold, pain, IHF. exercises of fasting, the amino acid arginine. Effects of growth hormone on lipid Exchange. Hgh has a strong lipolytic effects. In stressful situations, or simply when we are under stress, in periods of sleep during hypoglycemia growth hormone stimulates lipolysis and obtaining the active amino acids into the cells, keeping the much-needed glucose to the brain. In addition, increased lipid metabolism. Increasing lipolysis, leading to rapidly increase the concentration of fatty acids in plasma and their oxidation in the liver, as it activates anabolic processes in the body.

Effects of growth hormone on the metabolism of carbohydrates. The impact of hormones on vglehidratniâ metabolism, in fact, is opposed to the action of insulin. Often as a result of the reduction in the levels of glucose, the body tries to produce more of it and glycemia. Through its direct effects on the liver HGH significantly increases the concentration of glycogen as a result of the activation of gluconeogenesis from active amino acids. The slow breakdown of glucose in the muscles is often called the synthesis of fatty acids.

Results from the action of growth hormone and its properties. First of all the stimulation of growth hormone is based on formation of IGF-1 in the liver. This enzyme affects the regulation of secretion of growth hormone, inhibition of somatoliberin and increases somatostatina. IFR-1 insulin-like growth factor-1 and is also known as somatomedin. Includes 70 amino acids. Another factor that stimulates growth hormone is GHR-6, which consists of 67 amino acids. In our blood plasma level of IGF-1 is two times higher than the level of GHR-6. A person with reduced levels of IGF-1 normal physical development and first of all it shows in the low growth rate.

Insulin similar genes, i.e., IGF-1 and GHR-6, have less impact on human development (metabolism) of insulin itself. However, IGF-1, in turn, strongly promote the development and growth of cells. These genes could cross connect to receptors, which explains their increased biological activity.

Biological and physical properties of IGF largely resemble those that insulin does, but there are also some differences. For example, IGF-1 has a direct impact on the development of the cartilaginous tissue, stimulates transport amino acids, increases the synthesis of DNA and RNA, as well as collagen.

As a result, we can conclude that the main factors influencing the growth hormone and IGF GHR6 are produced in the liver and directly influencing the anabolic processes.

Use of growth hormone in the medical field don't.

After reviewing the various sources of information (Internet resources, specialized literature), we came to the conclusion that complete information on the use of growth hormone in athletes currently just not where and how to receive. Therefore, the information below is taken from the results of research and studies and personal experience.

First, it should be noted that HR is a powerful agent to increase lean muscle mass and burn excess fat. But to achieve the greatest possible impact, will have to overcome a number of obstacles. Here we have in mind the high price to be paid for taking growth hormone and talk about a complete change in lifestyle and the planning of the day. Most of free time will need to be devoted to nutrition, and the other part will need to be devoted to training.

It should be noted that the use of growth hormone is not for everyone but is rather intended for experienced athletes who are willing to give everything of themselves.


Dosage and intake of growth hormone

We would like to note that the half-life of the HR and the duration of its action is expressed in units of action.

Growth hormone is widely used in professional sports.  The average dose among athletes dealing with the athletics are 2 to 4 units per day. Note the term athletics.  To achieve the maximum possible muscle mass, probably this dose of the hormone of the growth will be insufficient. But don't worry because everything can be corrected by simply increasing the dose.

By the way, the average dose of growth hormone can provide an anabolic effect, as well as cell hyperplasia. Without a doubt this effect of HR is the most valuable for bodybuilders. The course, or rather its duration must last at least 3 months, with a maximum dose of 2-4 units a day. Small doses are not capable enough and fast enough to ensure the growth and development of muscle mass.

Just keep in mind that Your buds will fairly quickly become acquainted with the dose of growth hormone, so that too frequent injections and too long a course of application not recommended. After three or four month course must rest approximately as long as you have applied detergent.

Natural growth hormone can be taken for a longer period, such as six months or more, but in this case, the dose should be reduced to about 1.5 units per day. The optimum safe and effective dosage is 2 units per day.

Simultaneous intake of growth hormone with other substances and/or anabolic steroids.

Now let's discuss a no less important subject, namely combining growth hormone with different preparations. Let me remind you that our goal is to achieve maximum muscle mass.

Growth hormone

First, we want to remind you of the existence of the following combination-growth hormone, anabolic steroids, androgens, in other words a conventional steroids, thyroid hormones and insulin. I'm not going to discuss the combination of this hormone with thyroid hormones and so now we're going to talk about steroids.  They have a strong anabolic effect. Adoption of insulin causes an increase in the period of growth hormone, which significantly increases the efalexinfoagektivnostta of the course. There is truth and a disadvantage as HGH can increase the speed of development of diabetes. But, once again, the point is that this is only possible, if the dosage is exceeded and if you are prone to developing diabetes or you are already sick.

The probability that the quarterly growth hormone intake can lead to the development of diabetes, is not only minimal, one simply does not exist. Now the last part of which we are the thyroid hormones or hormone triiodide. In small doses of tipepidine hormone (TH), and steroids have an anabolic effect (faster metabolism, etc.). Keep in mind that large doses cause SO completely opposite effects (degradation of proteins and activation of catabolic processes).

Most professionals valuate ETC. in taking growth hormone not only due to its anabolic properties, but also because they canceled out thyroid function, which can be broken when the intake of high doses of the hormone.

Intake of growth hormone and its side effects.

Now it should be mentioned that in most cases, side effects are possible only if they are abusing the dose is taken, or the period of making the preparation is too long. The main side effects when taking this hormone may include recurrent headaches, elevated blood pressure and hyperglycemia, intracranial swelling of the limbs. There are others that can be obtained while taking the preparation, namely the transformation of fats and the collapse of the protein component of the tissue.

For particularly complex effects, first of all you need to put the changes in thyroid function and as a consequence-hypothyroidism. In addition to the above as "possible" side effect should not be forgotten and diabetes.

Conclusion: in the end I want to say something: many doubt that there are people who do not know these basic things, but still, no pills, injections and ointments which alone can help you. In bodybuilding, it all depends on proper nutrition and active training. We wish you a delicious meal and a good gym. By the way, HGH you can easily purchase in our shop. There is a wide range of original products

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