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Genotropin 36UI PEN (Pfizer) Human Growth Hormone

Genotropin the pharmaceutical Tycoon Pfizer's so-called recombinant or synthetic created growth hormones (GH, rHGH or HGH). It was produced by DNA technology recombine, Genotropin is completely identical to the naturally produced in the human body growth hormone, known as Hgh or Somatotropin. Genotropin contains 191-essential and essential amino acids for the human body and represents a protein polypeptide.

In recent years has increased the popularity of rastežnen hormone as a means of eternal youth or the so-called age of therapy degenerative processes in the human body. Genotropin stops and reverses the process of aging, the skin stretches and wrinkles, stimulates the burning of hypodermic fat. Increases lean muscle mass with proper diet, improves mood and sleep time. Generally, growth hormone is one of the most nevroâtnite and harmless things that can accept. He is also an integral part of the program of every Hollywood Star (the well-known Sylvester Stallone thanks to longstanding use of Genotropin maintains this amazing for her age form).


For product Genotropin

Cartridge Genotropin is a special flask of 12 mg. an active substance or a total of 36 measuring units (36 IU). The active ingredient of Genotropin is dry matter separated from bacteria static water to dissolve, so it can be transported freely before being blended. After mixing and stirring (in no case aggressively, and with light circular movements) preservation of the hormone in a refrigerator becomes mandatory. Dosages are strictly individual and depend according to the objectives, the weight and the overall physical condition of the user, as well as his gender. May vary from 1 to 8 units per day, more is not recommended, except for professional athletes.

Effect of Pfizer's Genotropin. HGH is responsible both for bone growth and the growth and protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. It is produced by the anterior pituitary ( adeno pituitary). It is important to know that growth hormone released by itself has no direct effect. It stimulates Your liver to produce and release the well-known insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1. Its effect is expressed in speeding up the metabolism and mostly increased protein synthesis.


Combinations that athletes and professional athletes make: growth hormone Genotropin is recommended to be combined with testosterone, Primobolan (Methenolone enanthate), or Winstrol (Stanozolol). The effect of Genotropin 36 IU of Pfizer in combination with anabolic steroids is hundreds of times more pronounced and strong results.

In connection with its use by bodybuilders and professional athletes the effects of Genotropin. First, it has been proven that the consistent and constant use of Genotropin can support the burning of excess subcutaneous fat. In part, this effect is associated with the increased ability of the body to burn fat and connects the cells at the expense of burning vglehidratnoto. This fat loss due to the ability to influence the growth hormone stimulation of triglecirid-hydrolysis. Application of growth hormone in bodibildrskite environments, it is a mass phenomenon in the past more than 20 years. More recently becoming popular in Bulgaria. Open secret is that people with large bankrolls such as Sylvester Stallone and Madonna applied Genotropin HGH or growth hormone. It slows down the aging process of cells and rejuvenate the skin, hair, etc. with visible effects, even after the first few weeks .


Genotropin side effects

Growth hormone side effects: there are no proven side effects when applied according to directions and not abusing it. However, you must have a precision in dosing. Unfortunately, the price is relatively high. That's why we as a large importer, we offer you the best bargains and Genotropin 36 units. One course per month if you purchase it from the pharmacy will cost you around $1500. Under normal use from nesportuvaŝi. And if you apply for the purpose of racing training – then the price may exceed 3000 EUR In the US, these amounts will be almost half as we guarantee the authenticity and quality of the product.

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