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Enanthal 250 (Malay Tiger) Testosterone Enantate

Enanthal-250 by manufactured by Malay Tiger is a steroid, commonly used in bodybuilding, weightlifting and other sports. The active ingredient of the steroid is almost identical to natural testosterone, but with extended effect.

The properties of the drug allow athletes to quickly get significant muscle mass and an increase their energy. Also, the drug has the effect of pumping and improves the condition of joints.

Testosterone Enanthate Malay Tiger - Description

The first prototype drug, one of the oldest anabolic steroids, was established in 1960 in order to prolong the effect of testosterone in the body. In medicine, there is a method of using injections of the drug for fighting breast cancer in women. Today, the use of steroids in medicine is limited because of their androgenic side-effects. But weightlifters and bodybuilders assess the effect and consequences of this anabolic steroid and therefore it is one of the top choices of steroids for increasing muscle mass.

The active ingredient of the drug is Testosterone Enanthate ester. Connected to the ester chain means that the effect of Enanthal 250 from Malay Tiger operates in the body 15 days. Testosterone Enanthate actively changes the nitrogen balance of the cells, activates protein synthesis and accumulates water. The result of injecting Testosterone Enathate is in an increase of about 10 kg body mass and increased productivity of power not less than 30%. It also reduces the tension on the joints.

Enanthal 250 has equally high anabolic and androgenic activity and it's not toxic to the liver. You can purchase this substance from a pharmacy only in Greece or Kosovo, but you can also purchase it from our online store. This doesn't diminish the popularity of the steroid or make its price lower.  If you see  the injectable steroid being sold somewhere for a cheap price, beware. There is a high risk of it being fake, because steroids that are cheap are of poor quality, which puts your health at risk.

Testosterone Enathate price is affordable to athletes, compared to other anabolics. When taken individually, the results are not so impressive. The drug can be detected in the blood for three months after a cycle.

How to take Testosterone Enanthate Malay Tiger

The drug has a lasting action and it's active in the body for 15 days. Therefore, steroid injections may be placed about once a week. Some athletes prefer to divide it into 2-3 injections per week in order to maintain consistently high levels of the hormone in the blood and thereby obtain greater muscle mass.

Typically, an intake of Testosterone Enanthate has a duration of 8 to 10 weeks with a dose of 250-500 mg per week. In a cycle for beginners, we advise to start with doses of 100 mg and gradually increase volumes.

Regardless of the dosage of Testosterone Enanthate, a  necessary intake of an aromatase inhibitor such as HCG (Pregnyl) is required, to prevent the development of serious side effects.

The injectable preparation can be combined with almost all steroids depending on the desired goal. To improve results, like gaining more muscle mass, you should include Nandrolone, Metandienon, Boldenone and Parabolic. If you want to get a good relief of your muscles, Testosterone Enanthate should be combined with Stromba or Anavar.

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