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Danabol (Balkan Pharma) 60 tablets

Danabol is a very popular oral steroid in modern bodybuilding. This steroid can quickly build large amounts of muscle and significantly increase the pace in the exercises. Among all oral steroids, which contain the substance Methandienone, Dianabol is the most known and most commonly used drug.

Characteristics Danabol / Methane:
Active substance : Methandienone
Classification: Oral steroid.
Maximum activity of Dianabol: 3-6 hours after ingestion
The average dose of Dianabol: 20-40 mg. per day
Retains fluids
High blood pressure: In rare cases
Gynecomastia:  Only seen in very large doses.
Aromatization: Occurs if used  over 130 days.

Dianabol gives large muscle mass, because it increases the deposition of proteins and liquid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other nutrients which increase muscle cells. Also, taking Dianabol strengthens bone tissue. In other words the skeletal system will become larger and much stronger. Danabol Balkan Pharma can be applied with all known injectable steroids. It enhances the effect of other anabolic steroids in the blood. When in joint administration with injectable preparations, you can feel the strongest amongst your colleagues or friends. Nowadays, sports preparations like Methandrostenolone rank high in popularity among athletes at different levels. This is a steroid, which can help you gain fast muscle mass - up to 15kg. When you start to take Dianabol, you should use lowest possible dose (10-20mg a day) and then slowly increase up to 30-40mg per day.

The average duration of a cycle of Dianabol lasts around 2-3 months. Depending on the period of intake, it can increase the maximum size of your muscles. All your physical performance and energy also rise up by a great percentage. For better muscle growth  it must be combined with injectable preparations like  Boldenon, Nandrolon, Testosteron etc.

1. When starting, only use the minimum dose of 20mg per day.
2. The cycle of Dianabol should not exceed three months.
3. To remove the effect of aromatization, water retention in the muscles and possibly gynecomastia, anti-estrogens like Proviron should be taken (50mg per day).
4. Implementation of the tolerable dose should be controlled, and never exceed the maximum dose, which is 50mg./ 5 tablets.
Dianabol can be used in your first cycle of steroids or in combination with Deca (Nandrolone Decanote), in which case the rate of acquisition of the mass will be much bigger and more effective.

Results from taking Danabol :
A very large increase in muscle mass.
Increase in physical strength
Great power endurance
When taking, your joints and muscle accumulate water, which reduces the pain. It supplies large quantities of blood and oxygen to the muscles being trained. Distribute all amino acids, minerals and vitamins in the muscle fibers. Methane cycle will implement a large flow of blood and oxygen to exercising your muscles to their maximum, during training. This will give more strength and endurance. It also reduces the time of recovery  between heavy exercise, thus making it easy to train again.


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