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Boldenone (Multi Pharm) 10 ampules

Boldenone from Multi Pharma is an effective steroid with sufficiently high concentration of  the active ingredient boldenone undecylenate (200mg per 1ml). It is mainly used in sports practice. Athletes from various disciplines, usually bodybuilding, use different cycles of the drug in order to obtain quality gains of muscle mass.

Note that boldenone undecylenate is one of the fundamental steroids used in injection form. It was a steroid  developed for veterinary use at first. It was used to increase appetite in animals. Only afterwards it surfaced in the sports and bodybuilding culture and began one of the most used steroids in our days. It has a high popularity and is also known as a doping agent.

Boldenone Multi Pharm : Effect and Properties in sports

First, note that this product is manufactured by Multi Pharmaceuticals EU. It’s well known in sporting circles and often it’s counterfeited. Make sure you buy original products from known manufacturers.

When we talk about properties, Boldenone from Multi Pharm has a strong anabolic effect, identical with testosterone (100% of endogenous testosterone).The androgenic activity is quite moderate in comparison with testosterone – About 50 %. The drug works very well on athletes, who have never used steroids before, and it’s one of the best choices for beginners. However, even professionals use it, because it’s a perfect addition to a steroid cycle.

What effects has Boldenone Multi Pharm in sports

*Quality muscle mass growth

*Improving the transport of oxygen

*Increases the produce of red blood cells in the blood

*Increases appetite and strength

The steroid Boldenone is remarkable, due to its huge effect on building up quality muscle mass. It makes the athlete’s muscles more powerful and good-looking, which gives an impressive appearance. Another fun feature of the drug is the high increase in appetite, this effect is obvious after intake. In sports, the Boldenone of Multi Pharm preparations can also be used by women. However non-professional athletes are advised to take a lower dose. Therefore if a man usually uses a dose of 200 to 800 mg per week, for a woman the recommended amount will be 50-100 mg per week. Otherwise it can cause a virilization effect on the fairer sex.

In general, there are no side effects from Boldenone. But rarely, during the process of intake, androgenic disorders such as acne or oily skin may occur. Estrogenic effects during reception hardly happen, and if they appear they are rather weak.

The proper way to store the drugs is in dark, dry places at room temperature. In addition, they have to be kept away from pets and children for their safety.

Intake and dosage of Boldenone Multi Pharm

By ordering this product and the optimum application of it in your steroid cycle, you can achieve improvements such as : quality increase in muscle mass, increased appetite, increased production of erythrocites in your blood, increase in strength and improved transportation of oxygen.

How to take Boldenone

Typically, this steroid is used in doses of 200 to 800 mg per week (for men). Its action is long (about 15 days), and therefore the need for frequent injections it is not necessary (in most cases are placed once a week). The usual cycle last about 6-8 weeks in total. Also note that this drug is most commonly used with other steroids, such as stanozolol and turinabol.

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