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Boldenone 300 (Biotech Beijing) 10 ml

Boldenone 300 of Biotech Beijing - a steroid whose effect is anabolic and androgenic. It is actively used in bodybuilding and weight lifting, providing quality muscles. Injection effects include increased appetite, improved blood oxygenation, increased blood supply, and muscle enhancement of the athlete, increase in strength.

Important: Biotech Beijing provides a system for verifying the originality of products in order to prevent their counterfeiting. To verify the authenticity of the product, you need to enter the unique product code on the official website: The codes for the latest products are on the boxes themselves (under the hologram). If you enter a product verification code, you will be 100% sure of its original origin.

What is Boldenone 300? Description of the preparation?

The active ingredient of the steroid is boldenone undecylate, a modification of the natural testosterone molecule. By altering the structure of chemical bonds between carbon atoms, the decrease in androgenic properties is virtually doubled compared to testosterone. The anabolic effect of Boldenone 300 remains at the same high level. The active substance of the drug was originally developed for veterinary purposes. Since 1950, the substance has been used for animals - from chickens to cattle. Everywhere the effect is the same: animals can easily gain muscle mass. Due to its high anabolic properties and rare side-effects, the preparation is highly valued in bodybuilding. It is also suitable for light and power sports.

Today the drug is completely "humanized" and people have no idea what it used to be in the past. The spatial configuration of the steroid molecule has undergone significant changes due to the addition of the methyl group. Consequently, the side effects of aromatization are not shown using Boldenon Biotech.

No conversion to dihydrotestosterone is observed, and no liver toxicity. A big plus of the drug is that the production of natural testosterone is reduced almost imperceptibly. It is precisely on this formulation that it very much resembles the famous Nandrolone. In its structure, the steroid has some similarities with methane (methandrosterolone), the main difference being in the location of the ester group.

When the recommended dose of Boldenone 300 from Biotech is used, it is possible to increase the muscle mass by about 8 kilograms. Growth is relatively slow, i.e. no immediate effect is observed. Athletes who have armed with enough patience share in our forum that this steroid leads to minimal adverse effects and side effects, but provides maximum quality. The preparation is very prone to flavor, so the risk of gynecomastia is reduced to a minimum. To avoid possible unpleasant side effects, athletes are well advised to take anti-estrogens at the end of the course. Biotech Injection Boldenone affects cellular mechanisms that stimulate protein synthesis in tissues and erythropoietin in the blood. The muscles get more oxygen and work more efficiently.

For doping tests, the preparation can be found within 4 months after the end of the course. Another feature of this AAS is that it is not necessary to use retention effects after the course, and the accumulated mass is retained for a long time. In pharmacies, unfortunately, you will not be able to find the substance Boldenon in liquid form, and the instructions to it describe only the medical aspect of the medicine. However, the information is transferred from an athlete to an athlete, and the popularity of the drug does not stop growing. The high cost of the preparation may for some be the only drawback of this unique steroid. In all other relationships, he stays at the top of the steroid rating to increase muscle mass.

How to take Boldenone 300 from Biotech Beijing

The active substance has a prolonged action and functions in the blood within 15 days. That's why it's enough to inject the drug once a week. When taking a course with Boldenone, it should be considered that it takes time for the medicine to start working. Due to this particularity, the first two weeks of the course require an overdose. The application of Boldenone 300 Biotech takes place over a period of 4 to 8 weeks, with an intensive input and a smooth exit from the course. Weekly doses of the drug range from 300 to 900 mg, depending on the athlete's level. Typically, athletes use a 600 mg dose, this injection being relatively safe about side effects and giving a tangible anabolic result. Women can also take this medicine. Dosage of 50-100 mg per week does not cause androgenic side effects and is recommended for girls who are involved in bodybuilding. The course of Boldenone 300 is versatile when it comes to combination with other anabolic steroids. The most effective combination is trenbolone, testosterone propionate and stanozolol. Stanozolol and trenbolone will help to get the most out of the muscles, leaving it dry, firm and embossed. The course, combined with testosterone esters, will provide an increase in body mass and a minor effect on its quality.

Boldenone 300: Reviews and Analyses

For the product, mainly athletes heading for dry weight gain leave their comments. This is a drug that provides very good hardness to the muscles. The Boldenone reviews presented to our forum by athletes characterize it as a good anabolic steroid with minimal side effects in compliance with recommended dosages. Due to the long existence of the drug, you can easily find opinions about Boldenone on the Internet.

Interestingly, there are opinions about the drug and representatives of the fair sex, who have been successfully pursuing courses with Boldenon undesylente. Biotech Summary of Boldenon by Beijing: Athletes note that acne, greasy skin, increase in unwanted hair so typical of testosterone esters are almost uncommon during the course. The majority of athletes only notice blood pressure and weak estrogenic manifestations. But when taking anti-estrogens, as recommended by experienced athletes, the possibility of gynaecomastia and fluid retention as well as fat accumulation is excluded.

The main thing is eating properly, keeping an adequate diet, and conducting intensive workouts. Pre-use drug reviews are mandatory for beginner athletes on an amateur level, as this will help them get rid of doubts and get answers to all of their questions. In addition, our forum uses experienced professionals to help you understand all the peculiarities of taking the medicine and to make an individ Where can I buy Bolton 300?ual course according to your personal needs and desires.

Where can I buy Boldenone 300?

If you don’t know where to buy the Boldenone 300 from Biotech so that the quality and price of the product are perfect, please contact our online store. All the products presented in our catalog are bought by manufacturers "firsthand", have a manufacturer's quality guarantee and a minimum mark-up. Buying this anabolic steroid in our online store is absolutely reliable, there is a high degree of confidentiality of the purchase, the service is completely anonymous. The online store is open around the clock and you can make the desired purchase whether it's a weekend or a holiday. Our managers will execute your order as quickly as possible and will send it by courier to the specified address.

Only a few mouse clicks are required to buy Boldenone 300. We guarantee the security of your order as well as the effectiveness of the drug and the high score you will get. This medicine will be the best choice for an athlete who wants to get high-quality muscle and significantly increase his strength.

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