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Antihot Dietary Supplement EnergoMAX

ATTENTION! ANTIHOT-ENERGOMAX is  not in the doping list and do not contain anything that could be associated for goods from the doping list

Conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 05.03.02-04 / 52166 of August 14, 2014


TUU 15.8-30574264-004-2003


Ingredients: one gelatin capsule contains * 2ethylthio-benzimidazole hydrobromide - 0.2 g, fructose-0.2 g


Product: gelatin capsules


Mechanism of action: Antihot is a dietary supplement of the metabolic, non-depleting type, the mechanism of its action is to activate the cell's genome and to synthesize RNA, and plus proteins,. Enzymatic and associated to the immune system.


Stimulation of the synthesis of gluconeogenesis enzymes takes place, which ensure the utilization of lactate (a limiting factor in working capacity) and the resynthesis of carbohydrates - (energy source) under intensive masses, which leads to an increase in physical routine. Consolidation the synthesis of mitochondrial enzymes and structural proteins of mitochondria provides an increase in energy production and preservation of a high degree of conjugation of oxidation with phosphorylation. Preservation of a high level of ATP synthesis with oxygen deficiency promotes severe antihypoxic and anti-ischemic activity. Improves the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes and has a emphasized antioxidant activity. Increases the body's resistance to the effects of extreme factors - severe physical and mental stress, stress, hypoxia (lack of oxygen), hyperthermia (elevated temperature).


Meaningfully improves not only physical, but also operational capability, improves answer, learning, attention, thought processes, emotional background. Has a emphasized anti-asthenic effect, accelerates recovery processes after extreme effects. Does not cause psychomotor inflammation.


After a single dose, the maximum effect progresses after 1-2 hours, the expressed effect persists for 4-6 hours. For course belongings, the therapeutic effect of the drug usually develops within 3-5 days.


In addition to the actoprotective act, it also exhibitions antihypoxic, nootropic, antioxidant, reparative, immunostimulating, regenerative, anti-catabolic, mediate anabolic, anti-asthenic and other positive effects.


Recommendations for use:


- for increasing the level of physical and mental working capacity (with the manager's syndrome - chronic fatigue), with a decrease in concentration of attention, adaptation of the human body to hot and cold climatic conditions, with a lack of oxygen (hypoxia), including high altitude, When overcoming the temporary stress associated with long journeys or flights, to normalize the functions of the immune system.

- with asthenic complaints of various nature in surgery, cardiology, oncology, neurology (with neurasthenia, Alzheimer's disease, after severe infections and intoxications, pre- and postoperative period during surgical interventions.) As part of complex rehabilitation: transferred TBI, meningitis, encephalitis, disturbance Cerebral circulation, cognitive detraction After having catarrhal and including infectious diseases In diet therapy (with a decrease in overload weight to increase working capacity To strengthen the body with erectile dysfunction, after stressful conditions and with severe mental and physical labor.

- during radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients and in the post-chemotherapeutic period to relieve side effects and alleviate the symptoms of cytotoxic treatment. In the complex symptomatic treatment of onco-incurable patients receiving sedative treatment.

- It is recommended for athletes of various qualifications (from amateur athletes to high-qualified athletes) and specialization (power and speed-strength sports, sports with a predominant endurance, all-around, sports, martial arts, complex co-ordination and complex sports, extreme sports Sports, sports, which are based on intellectual activity and the manifestation of combinatorics);

- persons who are interested in keeping a high level of performance for a long time: climbers; Persons of heavy physical labor (miners, agricultural workers, builders, etc.); Servicemen, officers of special services and law execution bodies when performing long-term assignments;

- The people interested in increasing the operator and intellectual performance: computer operators; programmers; managers; scientific employees; drivers "truckers"; pilots; students in the period of preparation for the session, etc .;

- persons who are interested in an emergency increase in working capacity in extreme conditions: servicemen, firefighters, rescuers, pilots, officers of special services and law enforcement bodies when carrying out emergency tasks;

- persons interested in overcoming temporary stress caused by long-distance flights, relocations: tourists; travelers, persons traveling on long trips;

- persons interested in prompt effective adaptation to conditions of high indirect temperature and lack of oxygen: tourists and persons traveling on business trips to regions with hot climates; Workers of metallurgical enterprises, miners.


Dosing and Administration:

To increase physical and mental (operator) performance; Acommodation to hot climatic complaints; Lack of oxygen (hypoxia), including in high-mountain situations; Overcoming the temporary stress associated with long journeys or flights, etc .:

3 days - reception, 3 days - break, only 4-5 such cycles. Each cycle - 1 capsule 2 times a day, 1 capsule in the morning during or immediately before meals and 1 capsule before dinner. In the case of taking the drug in order to overcome the temporary stress, the start of the treatment should be planned in such a way that the first cycle is for the period before departure, and the after one - upon arrival at the destination.

For emergency operation in extreme conditions:

Take 40-60 minutes before the pending stress in a dose of 0.4-0.6 g. With the persistence of work - a repeated intake after 6 hours at a dose of 0.2 g. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 1.2 g, the next day - 0.8 g. After a single dose, the maximum effect evolve in 1-2 hours, the emphasized effect persists for 4-6 hours.


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