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Anadrol (Omega Meds) Oxymethanolone

Oxymetholone - Almost all of the steroids used in sports initially appear in medicine. This statement also applies to oxymetholone. Once this medicine is available on the market, it is being actively used in the treatment of all types of anemia. In addition, the drug is considered to be very effective. Athletes quickly notice it and it turns out that as an anabolic drug it is extremely effective.


Positive qualities and effects of Oxymetholone

Among all AAS tablets, oxymetholone has the maximum effect on the body. In addition, it outperforms even some injection anabolic. The active substance of the same name is characterized by strong anabolic properties. In addition, androgenic activity can be characterized as moderate. As a result, oxymetholone results in a pronounced steroid mass.

t's time to talk about the most important properties of steroid for bodybuilders:

Rapid increase in muscle mass.

The process of synthesis of red bodies in the blood is actively stimulated.

The production of hemoglobin is accelerating.

The globulin is inhibited.

Joint pain significantly lessens or even completely disappears.

Power indicators are increasing significantly.

It should be noted that the use of the drug allows you to achieve a powerful pumping effect. In addition, the course with this preparation accelerates the processes of oxygen delivery to the tissues, improving their quality.


Combination and dosage of oxymetholone

The daily dose of the drug is from 50 to 150 milligrams. At the same time, it is quite sufficient for many athletes to take anabolic steroids in minimal quantity. If the athlete decides to increase the dose, he or she must be absolutely sure that this step is really necessary. On the web, you can find the opinions of many who have tried to take 300 milligrams and have not noticed any difference between taking a current amount and a quantity of 100 mg. However, the risks of side effects at the higher dosage are significantly increased.

The recommended course duration is 4 to 6 weeks. Such a short time is explained not by the hepatotoxicity of the steroid (this will be described below), but also by the banal decline in its effectiveness after a month and a half of use. Although the drug is primarily intended to increase muscle mass, some bodybuilders also use it during the drying period. In this case, however, it is necessary to take aromatase inhibitors and diuretics. This decision by athletes is due to the strong anti-catabolic properties of the steroid.

I would like to say a few words about the use of oxymetholone by female athletes. It is generally accepted that this medicine poses a serious risk to the female body. However, research findings do not confirm this. A daily dose of 50 milligrams implies a moderate risk of virilization. If you reduce the amount of steroid and take it twice, then the risks will be minimal. However, compared to Oxandrolone, oxymetolonate is still significantly more dangerous for women.

The drug can be combined with any injectable AAS. An example of an excellent combination for weight gain is oxymetholone-testosterone cypionate. Take oxymetholone 50 milligrams a day. The weekly dose of Zipion would then be 500 milligrams. Also, Anastrozole should be included in the course and after its completion, begin post-course therapy. You can use Tamoxifen or Clomid during this time. Note that the drug is perfectly combined with other steroids and often has synergistic effects in combination courses.

Possible outside effects of Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone belongs to the group of steroids for which you can hear the worst rumors. In the meantime, it has been actively used by professionals for many years and they do not complain about their health. On the other hand, results are more important to them than to the condition of the body.

The most common side effect with oxymetholone courses is gynecomastia. It is generally accepted that this is due to the presence of progestogenic activity in the drug. Since the side effects of estrogen and progestogen are similar, this conclusion seems logical. However, scientific research does not confirm this fact.

Regardless of the cause of gynecomastia, the use of aromatase inhibitors will avoid these problems. As for the hepatotoxicity of the anabolic, it does not in any way stand out from the background of other tableted AASs. It can be said that a daily dose of 50 milligrams used for 6 weeks is safe and will not be able to cause liver damage.

Reviews for Oxymetholone

This is a great drug to increase the mass and volume of muscles. Of course, if for the first time you will resort to the use of anabolics, then this preparation is too strong, and therefore it is better to choose another steroid, as quite suitable would be tourithebolit. But for experienced bodybuilders, the steroid will definitely help significantly accelerate progress. That says the numerous reviews about Oxymetholone.


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