The secret anabolic steroid - Trenbolone

This medicine has always been shrouded in mystery. Recently, the presence of the preparation in the domestic market and it's inflated price, raise interest to unimaginable limits, because trenbolone until 20 years ago, was the "secret ingredient" that has been available only for professional athletes.



Now this medicine is worthy of special attention, and we will see it in our article.


Information about Trenbolone - Parabolan

Trenbolone is considered to be a derivative of nandrolone, however, the drug has several better properties to his brother. And since nandrolone reductase is converted to the dihydrochloride, which is considerably weaker in their effectiveness in contrast to the parent drug. In parabolics, such transformations in the interaction with the enzyme are not received, respectively, he surpasses all indicators of androgen.



Fluoxymesterone and trenbolone, the two drugs together have some serious differences from other types of anabolic steroids. Their main difference from the rest is making adjustments rings B and C.


Trenbolone, because of its structure is not subjected to the action of aromatase, but he has progestogenic and estrogenic activity. The side effects of this steroid are typical, because of the insignificant events of the above activities.


Trenbolone could easily be called the most powerful of the current steroids. It is an impressive advantage in maintaining the androgen receptor, even testosterone can't beat it, let alone nandrolone - his predecessor. The mechanism of action of the drug is similar to other steroids, activates cells, and increases levels of IGF-1 in the blood, therefore, the distribution of muscle tissue is expressed. 


Trenbolone and testosterone can be combined during the cycle, thanks to its non genomic activity. Many athletes share the excellent result of this combination, due to the inability of Trenbolone be aromatized.


In the veterinary direction, the drug is often used in combination with estradiol in order to increase weight of the stock. The drug can be a perfect "companion" for any kind of steroids, including Masteron. The absence of  aromatization properties eliminate excessive water retention in the body. Bodybuilders often combine it with Stanozolol or Anavar, before competing.


Thanks to its properties for burning excess fat, it is considered an ideal component in the preparation process.


Nevertheless, it should be noted that in the event of  having an excess of estradiol in the blood, the steroid will no longer act as a fat burner.


Parabolic  is the most commonly counterfeited products across the types of steroids. So if you encounter Trenbolone at a "promotional", hot and super low price, be ready to meet low quality forgery.


Below we will describe the most common esters of trenbolone, but also a special embodiment methylthio-trenbolone. It has many highly effective aspects, even in small doses, however, it has a number of significant side effects on the liver.


Side Effects Trenbolone

There is a theory that Trenbolone gives a negative effect on the kidneys. However, this theory is not supported by research to confirm this fact.



It is also believed that the use of Trenbolone may lead to occurrence of aggression, but not all athletes are susceptible to this side effect.


History Parabolan - Trenbolone

Pharmaceutical Parabolan is available only in one pharmaceutical company in the world. This trademark belongs to the French company "Negm» (Negma). But now the original is not available and counterfeiters started a good business with production of fakes. Most often these fake vials are filled with conventional testosterone.


The original parabolic is held in ampoules  with nominal volume of 1 ml. Parabolan is most often used in the following dosage: 2-3 ampoules every three days.


Trenbolone Acetate

Until recently, this drug was manufactured and used only in veterinary medicine. Trenbolone acetate is produced by pretty well-known brands like Finaplix and Finaject. The last production of the drug was in 1987, mostly in Mexico.

Injecting this Trenbolone is a pretty painful procedure. Most often, the production of these preparations is carried out in unhygienic conditions. Fortunately, this does not apply to all veterinary drugs. However, these two drugs are never delivered to the domestic market in sufficient quantities.



More recently, parabolic tablets as an active substance that acts as trenbolone acetate, have appeared on the domestic market. However, the main purpose of its use is in veterinary medicine. The manufacturing company is in Thailand and is registered under the trademark - British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


The tablets are orange of color and are available in the original orange cotton bags. The content of active substance per tablet is 25 mg.


The optimal dose for tablets Parabolan is 3-5 tablets per day (75-125 mg active substance). The maximum considered dosage is of 150-300 mg. The half-life of the drug in the body is 1-2 days. For optimum bioavailability, its administration should be performed daily in equal amounts with few interruptions.


● !!! ● Be careful when choosing a product, pay attention only to the proven products. Also, always consult with an experienced specialist.


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