Steroids in modern day bodybuilding

In America steroids are considered very dangerous, pharmacological researchers say they can destroy the health of the nation - these drugs are included in the list of the most horrific substances such as heroin and cocaine. In this country anabolics are viewed as drugs under a magnifying glass. Fighting steroids is led by the FBI, and as we know, they are not easy to hide from.



But if you decide to become a professional bodybuilder and live in such a country, how will you prepare for competition without steroids?


● Useful tips:

These medications work at the cellular level - they dramatically change people - from mental to hormone levels.


What medications are used by professional athletes to increase muscle mass?


1. Different anabolic steroids.

2. IGF-1 - growth hormone.

3. Insulin.


And that's just a fraction of the overall package. You can add many diuretics and estrogen antagonists.


Results from such steroid cycles


Large doses of drugs can lead to anything, including death. Although, recorded deaths are only two - Benaziz and Munzer. The first important thing to do if you decide to be get stuffed with chemistry is to find an accurate and trustworthy seller.

These drugs can be purchased only abroad, but how to get them in your country? Contraband - a quick way for admission to prison.


What risks hide anabolic steroids?


1. Complex mix of drugs and an insanely dosage can cause blood cancer.

2. Disabled liver.

3. Disabled kidney.

4. Decline in the heart and blood vessels.


What is the real benefits of taking sports stimulants (steroids)?

The main task - increase muscle mass development of all muscle groups of the body to acquire beautiful proportions. All of this is estimated to by the judges - but the categories are always different. Competitions are divided into several rounds - these include: individual and group posing, when athletes demonstrate certain muscle groups in different ways.


Which muscle groups are the most appreciable during the race?

1. Double biceps and triceps.

2. Press and Thighs.


The collected points during the competition lead to a long-awaited result - they determine the winner.


 The main priority of this sport on a professional level is building a beautiful body, and the material on which it is based does not matter.


Professional bodybuilding is a sport that relies on medicine. All athletes use a variety of chemical additives that help to accelerate the synthesis of proteins. Furthermore, by these means it is possible to quickly restore the body and therefore muscle growth occurs much faster.



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