Steroid cycle with minimum doses

Despite general medical illiteracy, the side effects of steroids themselves will remind particularly susceptible people that taking larger doses does not lead to anything good. Only a person who really does not care about their health can assume that by taking more drugs, it will remove the negative influence from immobilization and achieve an appearance like those people who do not stop playing sports.


After all, steroids can be quite dangerous, especially in the presence of the most common diseases of the 20th and 21st centuries - oncological (drugs promote the growth of existing tumors), cardiovascular diseases (without exception, all drugs increase the level of cholesterol in the body in the course, and the most harmful is LDL and VLDL) and liver.

It is these things that are not particularly commented on when it comes to steroids, since most body herbalers are relatively young people aged 20 - 35 years, the listed diseases begin to actively manifest themselves after 40 - 45 years.

So. We found that it is not advisable to exceed the working dose of hormonal drugs if you want to take care at least a little about your health and longevity.

Now let's look at what the values are and what determines the choice of the minimum working dose. According to philistine logic - the less the result is needed, the lower the dosage can be.

Especially often you hear this from beginners who say - "I don't need muscle as a bodybuilder, which means I can take smaller doses." All common anabolic steroids in one way or another copy the action of the male sex hormone - testosterone. And now, when its own production stops, then only substances coming with drugs begin to play the role of a hormone in the body.

Therefore, even the initial dose of drugs, already after 2 - 3 weeks, should completely replace the natural amount of the hormone in the body. And that means about 200 mg of testosterone or its equivalent supplied with medication during the week.

Then you should consider the reason why you take anabolic steroids. If the reason is to achieve much greater results than your usual, then the dosage should not only replace the level of your own hormone, but also increase the amount of the hormone.

And then we come to the fact that already at the 3th week of the course the dose of your drugs should be equivalent to 350 - 500 mg of testosterone per week.

For example, 1 ampoule of the most popular drug containing a mixture of testosterone esters - Sustanon 250, contains 250 mg of the active ingredient. That is, the initial dose of this drug, if taken alone, should be at least 250 mg per week for the first week and at least 375-500 mg from the second or third week.


To do this, you do not need to inject 1.5 ampoules and throw away half the second. It is enough to inject the next ampoule on the 4th - 5th day, not the 7th. If you use bottles with a good distribution of the amount (as a rule, 10 ml in a bottle), then there are no problems with them at all – you have the opportunity to take only as much as you need at a time.

The same applies to tablet forms, although their effectiveness is usually lower, since part of the active substance is destroyed in the liver before it gets into the blood and has a therapeutic effect. For this reason, experienced bodybuilders prefer injectable forms of drugs (injections) over tablets.

If you prefer to take tablets, consider a course with the most popular drugs with two active ingredients: stanozolol and methandienone. The usual dose of the most popular ingredients today is 10 mg of the active ingredient in 1 tablet.


Therefore, to mimic your own level of testosterone, you need to take 2 - 3 tablets of these drugs per day. And to obtain an enhanced anabolic effect - 4 tablets. From 2 - 3 weeks it is better to add some injectable drug to these drugs or increase the dose by 1.5 - 2 times.


One more thing. Perhaps you have already noticed that we are not talking with an exact figure, but we are talking about a set of recommended doses.


Why ?

Since dosages and the effect of drugs depend on many side factors, such as the weight of the athlete (the more a person weighs, the more medicine is needed); from the manufacturer's manufacturing technology and the number of ingredients (components of the drug); from the condition and individual characteristics of the functioning of the organisms of different people at different times, under different living conditions, etc.

In the absence of large-scale official and qualified studies on the use of steroids by healthy people, for non-treatment purposes, all accurate recommendations and figures for each individual are established according to the usual method of sample and error . That is why such approximate figures are given.

Try and determine your dosages, although you should not forget that you are not the first to use steroids and it is good to heed the advice of more experienced athletes. Most likely, you will use the same number and types of drugs that are used by millions of people around the world.

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