Steroid Cycle Rules

Еach course with increasing mass also has positive and negative effects. As you know, the more powerful anabolic steroid is, the greater the possibility of side effects. The consequences of using steroids may be very different, based on the ability of steroids to raise levels of some or other hormones, such as gynecomastia to testicular atrophy and etc.,

PCT - after-course therapies. This is the post-steroid course, the use of certain drugs to neutralize the side effects and restore the normal condition of the body. The results include recovery of natural recovery of gonadotropin hormone secretion, normalization of hormonal balance, liver purification, elimination of side effects caused by steroids.

Aromatase inhibitors (anastrozole, aromatase, letrozole) - these are preparations that block or inhibit the enzymes responsible for converting some of the androgenic hormones into estrogens. In the course of the course, aromatase inhibitors should be used if substances such as methadronostenolone and / or testosterone are present in some form. As you know, the high level of estradiol in the blood provokes the appearance of oestrogenic side effects, such as gynecomastia, water retention, and excess fat.

However, most athletes do not use EA during the course because estrogen in acceptable amounts also contributes to muscle gain. Some do not even hinder them if they fill up a bit.

Antiestrogens (tamoxifen, clomiphene, toremifene) are substances that block estrogen receptors. During the course of the course, these drugs are used only after the onset of side effects such as gingo. They are more commonly used after a course of anti-estrogens to restore the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes relationship.

Very often athletes are interested in how Tamoxifen differs from Clomid. In addition to the chemical structure, they have some differences. Tamoxifen is more effective than clomid, but is considered to be more harmful to the body. Despite its ease, it is taken at 10-20 mg a day, while Clomid should be taken at 50-100 mg and sometimes 150 mg a day.

Clomiphene citrate, however, can be used in courses that include preparations with progestin activity. Tamoxifen can not be taken in such courses as it activates progestin receptors and may potentiate the side effects caused by steroids of progestogenic nature.

Testosterone boosters (Tribulus) - these are sports supplements based on "herbs". They are taken after the course for the sole purpose of increasing the level of natural testosterone.

Propyron is an androgen taken during the course along with drugs that reduce libido (anadrol, trenbolone, nandrolone). Also, this medicine will help improve muscle quality.

Human chorionic gonadotrophin (Pregnyl) - is used during long courses to maintain normal levels of natural testosterone in the body. It prevents atrophy of the testicles during the course of steroids.

Which product to choose?

Above all, it is necessary to define the objectives which will take anabolic steroids. Practice shows that the first course is always and most effective. With the subsequent courses receptors of the body is already developed and the activity of anabolic substances not accepted so stress and shock. The first course is almost always consists of only one drug. In very rare cases, some athletes and added a second, but it generally appears to be unnecessary.

Experts usually recommend the use of safe steroids - Turinabol or Stanozolol. These are preparations in tablets that are not prone to flavor and only slightly inhibited the secretion of endogenous testosterone. After these preparations, it is possible to limit only to the adoption of Tribulus as he is absolutely harmless. Such a course can significantly increase strength indicators, as well as to improve the quality and orelefâvaneto of the muscles.

The most commonly used steroid in the first year, however, is the old good studying Anavar. This drug has an excellent ratio of anabolic and androgenic effect, so can significantly increase muscle mass of athletes, as well as to develop extreme power with little risk of side effects. After using Oxandrolone - Anavar, you should take anti-estrogens and testosterone booster!

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