Restoring the natural formation of Testosterone

Every athlete who takes steroids should know how important is the process of restoring the natural testosterone production. We will discuss this topic in our article, in which we will try to explain the reasons for the recovery of the male hormone, suppressed by the effect of testosterone, and other important points that relate to the hormones of an athlete.



Testosterone is manhood, beautiful physique, gait predator, male sexuality and exploits in the battle for territory. Testosterone - an indispensable male sex hormone that also holds his fist in the male reproductive system. He is responsible for metabolism, muscle growth, sex drive, sperm production, erections and the ability to fertilize eggs.


Men with normal testosterone levels will never be overweight or to complain about bad sex. After learning about the effects of testosterone, athletes began to actively use it in the form of steroids to increase muscle mass and strength.


Why suppress the production of testosterone?

Artificial testosterone steroid can be injected or taken orally in the body, thus suppressing the autonomous production of natural hormone. The body begins to wonder - why waste energy to produce testosterone? And where does  it come from? And then it just switches off the internal secretion of the organs that produce testosterone - the testicles.


This violates the natural production of the hormone, the man starts to suffer - slow erection, impotence, weak attraction.


And finally - testicular atrophy, and all these problems are in the shadow of men. Medicine is still trying to develop ways to treat atrophy, including surgical interference, but so far without success –there is no magical solution that will be able to breathe life into the atrophied organs that are now useless for the human body.


What is testicular atrophy, and when does it occur?

Testicular atrophy - a disease which is associated with suppression of testicular function and with a reduce of their size. For long times, testicular atrophy was considered a rare disease, but now it   has begun to appear very often, even in quite young athletes who use steroids irresponsible and neglect the after steroid therapy (PCT).



Testicular atrophy not only reduces the male gland, but it also stops it from working. The entire reproductive system crumbles. Atrophy is a dangerous thing because it leads to irreversible changes and it is difficult to remove, even with surgery.


● The first signs of atrophy

● Weight gain

● Reduced size of the testicles

● Lack of sexual desire

● Poor sexual contact

● Frequent mood swings


How to prevent testicular atrophy?

Testicular atrophy can be prevented only one way - with a timely and quality recovery of natural testosterone production in the body.


Recovery of testosterone can improve men's health, restore testicular function and help achieve a stable love life. Recovery of testosterone in discontinuation of steroid medications that suppress the production of testosterone, using anti-androgenic agents that, although stop muscle growth, return virility and fertility. To restore power and testosterone, an athlete must comply with post cycle therapy whose goal is to restore the natural hormonal balance.



The first thing is the application of gonadotropin - a drug that acts on the hypothalamus, causing it to produce LH. This, in turn, leads to the active synthesis of testosterone in the testicles and normalizes their work. This makes the man to return to sexual power and opportunity to participate in intercourse. Natural testosterone levels return to normal production.


We must understand that the effectiveness of HCG will have an effect only if the atrophy of the testicles is not yet present.


What are anti-estrogens and how do they work?

After the completion of the cycle, the athlete must take anti-estrogens, whose mission is to prevent aromatization of the estrogen hormone. Anti-estrogens also contribute to improving the hypothalamus, responsible for the production of LH, they do not allow its action to be suppressed and normalize HCG natural selection that keeps the functionality of normal endocrine organs.


So we can safely say that anti-estrogens are to restore the natural formation of testosterone, which helps stimulate the natural synthesis and functioning of the body.


How to quickly restore endogenous testosterone production?

Generally, the younger organism restores the natural testosterone levels to normal pretty quickly.


A few days later testes begin to function as before. Many young men and beginner bodybuilders do not feel the difference in the change in sexual function due to their young age. But experienced athletes wait for quite some time, because the lowering of testosterone is quite large. This percentage depends on the individual moments and does not have an exact time.


It is important to understand that restoring testosterone production plays a major role in all anabolic cycles. If you do not, you do not only face infertility, but also to other evils, like high pressure in the physical parameters.






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