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Harm Reduction is a concept among health care workers that seeks to reduce the negative health effects of drug use. The harm reduction principles are a call to accept the fact that good or bad, there are banned drugs in today's society. Instead of ignoring drug users, for example, health practitioners are working actively with people to promote safer strategies of receiving and reducing health damage from drug, drug abuse, and so on. Damage reduction efforts always help and not judge the person. While earlier such practices have been focused primarily on dealing with drug abusers, the principles of these practices are also valid for steroid users who are rarely under the supervision of doctors during their programs. If these principles are followed, measurably reduce the negative impact of steroid abuse, making them safer in practice.


Principles for reducing harm from anabolic steroids

1. Think first about testosterone.

Of all anabolic / androgenic steroids, testosterone esters, such as cypionate, enanthate, and Sustanon, have the lowest negative health effects when taken at doses to increase muscles and increase efficacy. Testosterone esters provide a hormone identical to body-produced and correspondingly the same spectrum of physiological effects. Besides being one of the most effective muscle builders, testosterone as a whole has a positive effect on libido and maintains a positive mood.

2. Limit yourself to the safest steroid.

If the use of injectable testosterone is not possible, limit the use of steroids to the "safest" possible. The listed steroids have the lowest unfavorable cardiovascular effects and are recommended: Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate), Durabolin (Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate), Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) and Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enantate). If the choice is on oral steroids, only Andriol, Primobolan and Proviron are not 17-alpha-alkylated and should be preferred.

3. Avoid hepatotoxic oral steroids.

Separately from Andriol, Primobolan and Proviron, each oral steroid discussed in this reference is a 17-alpha-alkylated compound and should be avoided wherever possible. The most remarkable effect of these steroids is a change in the ratio of LDL / HDL cholesterol, which favors platelet deposition in arterial blood vessels. Over time, this may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. 17-alpha-alkylated steroids are also associated with hepatic stress. You should keep in mind that injectable forms of oral steroids cause the same level of hepatic stress regardless of their different route of supervision.

4. Take nutritional supplements to support health

Workforces of anabolic steroids can help to reduce their negative impact on health with the consumption of food additives in support of health. It is recommended to take supplements for cholesterol. Fish oil is recommended as the basis, together with a number of other clinically proven ingredients to aid cholesterol like green tea, garlic powder, Resveratrol, phytosterols, niacin and policosinol. Lipid Stabil (Molecular Nutrition) includes the following components and is recommended. Those taking oral steroids, it is desirable to support the reduction of liver stress. Such products are Liver Stabil (Molecular Nutrition), Liv-52 (Himalaya Drug Company) and Essentiale Forte (Aventis). One such product should be ingested during the whole course with hepatotoxic Anabolic Androgenic Steroids.

5. Always use steroids in the cycle

A cycle of steroids usually lasts 6-12 weeks, followed by an equal period of abstinence from vsâkakvv intake of steroids. This practice is recommended for many reasons. On the one hand reduces the body's own testosterone production. The cycle helps to reduce the risk of trâjno impairment of fertility and other hormonal issues. The cycle also allows public health markers like cholesterol levels, hematocrit and blood pressure to return to their normal values periodically. People who use Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids for long periods of time without interruption risk to suffer from long-term health problems.

6. Use rational doses.

High doses of steroids are not necessary to achieve significant growth of muscles, particularly if it wants moderate physics or improve productivity. Limiting the dose of injectable steroids to 400 mg per week is recommended. In the case of testosterone cipionat, 400 mg per week is equal to at least 4 to 5 times higher than the natural level of testosterone. The use of such a dose would lead to results in growth of muscle mass, if combined with appropriate exercise and diet. In fact, during the 1970 's and 80 's are considered as "standard" usage in bodybuilding testosterone, nandrolone, boldenone, or Methenolone at a dose in the range 200-400 mg per week. High doses can lead to faster growth, but generally are not cost effective. In addition, an extra high doses increase cardio vascular exercise load and other side effects.

7. Avoid the aromatase inhibitors.

Drugs that inhibit aromatase inhibitors and struggling with adverse estrogenic effects through predodvratâvane the production of estrogen in the body, it is desirable to avoid. They are effective, but deprive the body of a hormone that is important for the health of the cardiovascular system. In particular the good cholesterol HDL supports estrogenе. If estrogen side effects are obvious is recommended use of a SERM (selective estrogen-receptor modulator) as Nolvadex. This medication provides partial oestrogenic effect in the liver, which may allow it to oppose the estrogen side effects, without the same negative change in cholesterol.

8. Do regular blood tests

Whole blood counts, including hormones, cholesterol, concentrations of blood cells and enzymes is the most useful tool for the assessment of the negative effects of steroids on health. The athlete can better assess the long-term risk, if you have to repeat the cycle. The smallest blood tests should be performed before starting the cycle 3-4 weeks after starting a few months out of the loop.

9. Use the correct procedures for injection.

It should pay particular attention to compliance with all procedures for injection. Steroids are injected by deep intramuscular injection. The most common injection site is the plow outer quadrant of the buttock, although quite often steroids are injected in the upper outer thigh and shoulder. Injection in the smaller muscle groups such as the biceps, triceps and calf are more susceptible to complications. Should be used convenient volumes for injection, usually not more than 3 ml per application. The seats should be changed so that a site can not be reused more than once every two weeks. Particular attention should be paid to hygiene and the use of tampons soaked in alcohol rubbed into the skin prior to injection, and proper storage and disposal of vials, ampoules and needles after use.

10. Sterilization.

It is desirable that the injectable steroid to be sterilized before use. This reduces the likelihood of transmission of disease or infection caused by microorganisms.

11. Follow diet

Anabolic androgenic steroids can allow you significantly more freedom of diet than normal. The effects of these drugs on muscle mass and metabolism allowing more calories to be consumed every day without unnecessary increase in fat. Diets low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and simple carbohydrates are recommended to reduce the cardiovascular risks. Note, however, that only a diet is not an effective method to combat negative cardiovascular effects of steroid use, but the restriction of certain foods can reduce these risks.

12. Always study the reward and risk.

The prize can always ignore the potential adverse effects of steroids on health. It should be remembered that the use of steroids in doses sufficient to promote short-term muscle growth almost always have a negative effect on the body. Cholesterol will displace negative balance, blood pressure will increase slightly, the heart chambers will thicken, hormones are out of balance and other things. The use of steroids for short periods is rarely dangerous. Overall, these drugs have safety profile. Choose carefully your program of taking steroids and think about their use only in the short term to reduce long-term health risks.

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