Reasons of pain after injection

The best place for injection thighs. Of course, the best option is to visit a hospital where professional you put the injection. However, athletes rarely use this service and prefer to do everything themselves. Today you will learn why can occur after injection pain and how to deal with it.



Some drugs cause quite severe pain when administered. The reason for this may be in the oil that is used as a solvent. Today, however, the market of anabolic steroids has many species that are used in medicine. They are produced by famous companies who choose only high quality oils.


You also have to look some more causes of pain after injections:


An allergic reaction to the drug;

The solvent concentration in the product is above normal and this may be the fault of the manufacturer

Injecting drug is carried out immediately after storing it in the fridge;


Non-compliance injection (insufficient depth of the needle);

Nerve damage.


Negative effects of injections

Let us consider in detail the possible unpleasant moments that occur after the injections. We will also learn how to get rid of them quickly.



At the site of injection drug appears edema, which causes serious problems. Most often gets lump due to slow absorption of the drug. If you do not take any measures to eliminate this side effect after a few months the lump can become an abscess. Here are the main causes of edema:


• The drug is enclose at a high speed;

• The used needle is short or defective;

• injection was made in the middle of the seat;

• Much medicine has been injected;

• Infusing air into the muscles with the drug;

• Reported infection or allergic reaction occurred.


The appearance of swelling at the injection site is hard not to notice, if only because of the pain that has occurred. It would be even more - stronger if the nerve is damaged in an injectable steroid. Here are some effective traditional methods to eliminate Edema:


• Apply iodine tincture on the damaged area for three consecutive days;

• Imposing the damaged site with fresh potatoes;

• Use a pack of sugar and crushed bread;

• The stuffing can be softened with gauze moistened with alcohol or magnesium.

• Apply fresh cabbage leaves the damaged area at night;

• The aloe juice can help to get rid of the problem, rubbing lump it.


It is also possible to use Medications: Wisniewski ointment (excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent), heparin ointment (analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent), demeksida solution (suppresses inflammation and accelerates the removal of blood clots) Troxevasin (reduces swelling and suppresses the inflammatory process).



To Appears damage of blood vessels. In this situation the blood falls below the skin and also pain appears blue. In the market you can find many medications that can effectively deal with this side effect, such as heparin ointment or something else. You can also use folk remedies, say, leaves of fresh cabbage or rye compress.



This side effect is the most dangerous of all, we have reviewed to date. This is pus formation, which should begin to heal immediately after his appearance. Otherwise, there may be serious problems. Among the initial symptoms of the abscess were increase in body temperature, sweating, loss of appetite, poor appearance, as well as redness and pain at the injection site. To treat an abscess, you should seek professional help as self may worsen the situation.


Slight thickening of the skin at the injection site is common. Seriously treatment almost never required, although there are exceptions. While the defect persists, you can inject into another muscle.


Among popular remedies we'll look at three:


Lodine is the simplest, yet effective method;

Compress vodka is placed on the skin that had been smeared with cream;

Fresh cabbage leaves.


Tingling in the thighs


Many athletes simply ignore this side effect. But we do not recommend it. In the end, this may be a symptom of a more serious complication. It is possible to pass only numbness, but we recommend that you contact a specialist.

In many ways, it looks like swelling and the same methods are used to treat it.


An extremely dangerous phenomenon that speaks of the beginning of the processes of rot. As soon as you discover this side effect, you should immediately take a measure to treat it. In addition, a competent specialist can be assigned to a specialist and you should consult a doctor.


Also, after injection, it is possible to get blood on the surface of the skin. This phenomenon may be accidental and occurs extremely rarely. At the same time, it may be due to the features of your body, for example, the blood vessels are located near the surface. When you put the needle, gently pull the plunger toward you.


If blood appears in the syringe, you should inject it elsewhere as you have damaged the capillary. Allergic reactions can develop from a variety of medicines and you should make sure that it does not happen. At the clinic you can do research and find out if you are allergic to a drug.


As a rule, when using steroids, allergic reactions to the oil used as a solvent may occur.


How to avoid pain after injection?

No athlete is protected from unpleasant post-injection sensations, as injections should be made frequently and as a rule on their own and not with the help of a medical professional. In this case, you can protect yourself from various effects if you follow the instructions for taking injections.


The main ones are:


The correct choice of needle, its length must be at least 32 mm;

Hygiene. Each time use a new sterile needle and disinfect the injection site with an alcohol liquid;

Before the drug should be warmed to room temperature;

Systemic injection at the same site;

Only use high quality proven original products.



What should I do if an occurs inflammation?

However, it is not possible to avoid swelling and painful sensations, it is possible to alleviate the pain and reduce the inflammation process with the help of medical devices. Such drugs such as diclofenac sodium and ibuprofen or other more expensive anti-inflammatory drugs have good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.


Both medicines can get rid of swelling and inflammation, relieve pain, be excellent analgesics. It is possible to use medicines in the form of tablets or in the form of an injection.


You can also treat swelling after injections with special creams and ointments. The cream or ointment is placed on the injection site, thus affecting the focus of the inflammation.


This can be the same diclofenac or ointments as Delobene, Alorom or Eucabalus. If home-based methods can not help you, you should definitely consult a doctor!


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