Protein the most important thing

The protein involved in the formation of muscle weave. All athletes attach particular importance to this product. Animal proteins are much better than plant proteins. Muscle mass does not appear. That's why every bodybuilder regulate your diet. Must be present in the diet of fat, carbohydrates and proteins. For the latter we will talk in more detail.


Every athlete knows how much protein to eat per day, so as not to negatively affect muscle mass. If the protein is of poor quality, then you would have to eat twice as much food containing protein. That's why professional athletes try to include meat, poultry, fish and eggs in their diet. In these products the biological value of protein is highest.



That is why these products are so valuable for bodybuilders. For financial reasons, it is not always possible to fill the freezer with selected chicken breast. Alas, this is quite real, given that 45% of the population cannot afford to buy meat. The higher the value of protein in the product, the less you need to eat.


Everything is natural and clear! The biological value of protein depends on the retention of nitrogen in the human body. It is calculated on the basis of how much protein is ingested and how much is retained. For the muscle protein is a building material. It is therefore important that this indicator is always in excess. If omitted, the size of the muscles will begin to decrease significantly.


Not all proteins are retained in the same body. Depends on the original product. Therefore, not all foods containing protein are equally beneficial for muscle growth. In order not to harass a zero score in vain, you need to find out what reasonable value wears this or that product.


Composition of the Protein

In order to understand what is the nutritional value of a substance, it is necessary to penetrate in the composition of the protein itself.


Do you know what? Surely someone has already made the correct assumption – from amino acids. To build the main proteins in the human body, including muscle weave, 20 amino acids are needed. Therefore, in order to start “construction”it is necessary to have the required percentage of amino acids.


Is it possible to live with a kind of protein? To answer this question, it is worth it to refer to studies of people with white coats. To make the necessary experience scientists took two rats of the same kind. In an animal's diet includes only the casein in the diet of the way contains gelatine.


In the second case, methionine and wilene practically absent. In the course of the experiment, nitrogen balance of animals is at different levels. In the first case is in sufficient quantities, and in the second there is a clear shortage due to the fact that the entire protein is thrown out with the urine. Thus it is demonstrated that the protein has a varied value and it is worth considering whether you want to see impressive muscles.


Some will surely say that the human body is unable to synthesize the missing amino acids. That's true, my friends, there is one established fact. But this does not apply to all types of amino acids. There are those who just need to be received from the outside world. Hence the descriptor of amino acids:


Replaceable-those that the body can synthesize.

Needful-must come from additional sources of energy.


veryone can notice that some amino acids are not sufficient. At the same time, the body loses its mass and muscle mass decreases. As a whole, in order to create the desired result, all components required or will not achieve anything. Our body is fully working and smallest natural mechanism disorders lead to disruption of the entire body. Knowing the methods of influence on some stages, we can control indicators like growth of muscle mass.


Essential amino acids, where are you hiding?

The most valuable protein composition is of natural origin. It is contained in products that give the animals (curds, eggs and milk) and the living organisms themselves are an indispensable source of this protein. Meat is good and let it not offend vegetarians. But with plant foods you can not achieve the desired size of your muscles.


Theoretically this is possible, but then you need to eat a large amount of legumes bread.


And if you focus on pricing, you do not have to think that vegetarian food will be cheaper than meat. Many of the plant products containing valuable proteins are quite expensive.


Essential amino acids on BCAA.

Branched chain amino acids are a complex set of vague words. These are the three basic amino acids for the human body. Unlike others, they have a particular structure of the aliphatic side chain. Of course, we will not go into anabolic steroids, but it is worth noting that valine, isoleucine and leucine lie underneath.


They are vital for protein synthesis. Especially if we talk about muscle weave.


During the drying period when you are on a low-carb diet, it makes sense to include BCAA in your diet. They prevent the breakdown of muscle weave. Almost all athletes know that leucine plays a crucial role in this complex triad of essential amino acids. If you use a tangible dose of leucine, it will replace the effects of valine and isoleucine alone. There is also a small trick that is not known to any athlete. Hydroxymethyl butyrate may turn into leucine in the body.


Muscle proteins can be stimulated by introducing 4 grams of leucine every four hours. Most of this amino acid is in animal proteins. From plants, such a substance is difficult to obtain in the required amount.


These are all the subtleties of the diet that cater to all the athletes who are fond of the strong workouts. But there are unspoken secrets of the huge muscles:


1. To get 4 grams of leucine, you need to eat 50 grams of protein contained in foods rich in protein.

2. Athletes daily drink 300 grams of protein, not to get protein, but to enrich the body with leucine. This will stimulate the growth of muscle weave.

3. Leucine should act regularly, otherwise the results will be inconspicuous.

4. Vegetarian bodybuilders - this is a very rare rarity. It will be very, very difficult to enrich your body with the right amount of leucine.

5. All known athletes use BCAA or leucine in free form, in addition to the main food.

6. Drink milk and eat eggs - these are the best natural sources of the necessary building material for muscle tissue.

7. Remember that the protein should come in a complex. So your body will work properly. For example, oatmeal is better consumed in milk, and separately eating eggs and meat.


As a result, it turns out that proteins are the most complex substances needed for muscle mass growth. They work well in a complex and you have to remember that not all types are formed in the body alone.


The higher the value of the protein, the less will be consumed this food. If there is a lack of at least one amino acid in the body, the muscles will stop growing. All important amino acids for muscle growth are concentrated in meat, fish and eggs.


Animal proteins are absorbed several times better than vegetable.

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