How to take Winstrol and Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate is an ester of a certain type male sex hormone - Testosterone. This medicine is quite popular among bodybuilders and powerlifters. Used mainly by experienced athletes and beginners for a first steroid cycle. Winstrol and Propionate is one of the most effective steroid cycles before preparing for a competition.



The main reason why experienced athletes often use the drug is that it has a relatively short half-life in the body. If the steroid is used alone without any the other agent,  the steroid cycle lasts four or five weeks. The second reason why it is one of the most used steroid is its price. The cost of Propionate is significantly lower than that of Testosterone Enanthate.


Benefits of Testosterone Propionate


The fact that Propionate is often used by professional athletes, demonstrate its effectiveness. The main advantages of the steroid are the following:


● Thanks to its rapid absorption into the body the effect is noticeable after the first injection. Workouts become more aggressive and it also increases the amount of energy and strength.

● Propionate holds very little water, so the targeted weight gain is of best quality. The drug has no side effects.

● The steroid has a positive effect on fat burning and quickly recovering muscles.


Propionate is rapidly eliminated from the body, making it ideal for preparation before a competition where there might be doping control. We have already mentioned the effectiveness of a Winstrol and Testosterone Propionate course, but you will find more details in this article bellow.


The drug raises great endurance in the athlete. This is the main reason for its widespread use in powerlifting and weightlifting. In addition, after use, the body increases in mass very slightly, thanks to its ability to hold only small amounts of water.


Testosterone Propionate has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as well considerably reducing the risk of coronary and ischemic heart disease.


It is also suitable for women because it has no side effects when used in normal doses.


The side effects of overdose


As mentioned above, the high dose poses a threat to the organism. Like most steroids, the athletes who use Testosterone Propionate in large doses are at risk of all types of conventional side effects like baldness, acne and other. But once again, let's say that when used with correct dosage, the athletes won't suffer from any of these consequences.


Also, after the steroid cycle, the body temporarily stops the synthesis of natural hormones, but after administration of anti-estrogens, everything comes back to normal.


Here is a list of details about steroid dosages:


 Let us mention something important that no matter how experienced you are, the cycle with testosterone propionate should not exceed 10 weeks. When used individually, the dose should be 50 to 100 mg daily or every other day. And as mentioned above in preparation for competition many good effects are shown in combination with Winstrol.



Masteron is also recommended in combination with the other two steroids. This steroid cycle has been repeatedly proven itself in the preparation for bodybuilding competitions. With this combination of drugs,  water in the body practically does not accumulate, and therefore the muscles grow elastic, strong and durable.


There is a minimal interval of 2 months for each steroid cycle. However, if you want a full recovery, this period should be increased to 10 weeks, so the health of the athlete will not be compromised.


Of course, there are other effective steroid cycles with this drug, but during the preparatory period - Winstrol + Propionate  give the maximum effect.


In addition to the beautiful shape and elasticity of the muscles, the athlete will gain good muscle mass. Most importantly, the muscle mass will be of high quality and the risk of a throwback after the cycle will not be present.



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