How to take Methandrostenolon and Stanozolol in cycle

All steroids have their pros and cons and never forget to keep that in mind. Cycle with stanozolol and methane is ideal for beginners because it helps to achieve the desired results.

Now it is not that difficult to find the necessary information on the matter of taking anabolic substances. But  there are still many "empty" fields that can be filled with experience or expertise. Professionals who have already gone through a lot of periods (steroid cycles), well studied their body and its needs, know exactly what is needed for effective results without harm to their health.

What should be my first steroid cycle? - It's huge and problematic question, which sometimes has a number of negative consequences. Beginners most often do not have time to really understand all the subtleties and nuances in this direction. Of course, unexperienced athletes can always contact a coach or a particular specialist and get a lot of useful information.


In our days the steroid market has been growing. There are a lot of new drugs and producers, but the old-fashioned way to achieve the fastest results will never be replaced. This short list includes namely methandrostenolon and stanozolol, which is a great combination for a first attempt at taking anabolic steroids.

This method certainly has been tested by more than one generation of athletes, which guarantees its reliability and efficiency. The first significant increase in muscle quality is evident in the first week. The muscles become healthy, bulging and with good relief. The obtained muscle type is elastic, without excessive water retention and fat in the muscles.

But here it is necessary to take into account the fact that the main character of cycle is methane. It significantly speeds up the growth of muscle mass due to the activation of protein synthesis. Note that the appearance of side effects most commonly occurs due to wrongly taken dosage. Most often, athletes suffer from pain in the liver. Sometimes fluid retention in the body is observed. The drug itself has weak androgenic activity.

The second unique preparation is stanozolol. It has the task and function to improve the quality of muscles in athletes. His other positive effects are increased endurance, burning away excess fat and removing unnecessary fluid. It is a known fact, that the second steroid used in a cycle efficiently blocks the negative results from the first one. But then again, if you follow all the rules and regulations without using excessive doses, their use is safe for health.

Stanozolol + methane cycle is usually aimed for beginners. As a result, you can achieve a growth of up to 6-7 kg of "dry and quality" mass. Plus, it will increase the percentage of power and stamina.

Methods for a Stanozolol +  Methandrostenolone cycle :

There are two types of administration. The first case is the short cycle - only 25 days. After the cycle, a PCT cycle is needed for 37 days. The initial dose is two tablets Stanozolol and Methane at every 4-5 hours. An athlete should take 4 tablets per day of each drug. Repeat this action for 25 days. Then start taking PCT, for this purpose Tamoxifen is a perfect choice. In the first three days, the dose is two tablets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. In the remaining 34 days of intake, the tablets are taken only in the morning.

A second embodiment is of course longer and is often separated into two phases of 25 days, and then PCT is needed. The intake is one tablet every 4-5 hours. About 4 tablets daily. In the next 25 days, according to the same scheme (one tablet every 4-5 hours) is done with Stanozolol. Then start using Tamoxifen. In the first three days - two tablets in the morning and evening.

But the question immediately arises: Is there any difference between these two cycles? Of course there are differences, but they do not refer to the results and impact on the human body and the liver. If after a while, you started to feel pain in the liver, it is best to go to the doctor or use Liv-52, you need prescription for it and you can buy it from any pharmacy.


When summarizing the subject, it should be noted that the intake of methane and stanozolol is relatively safe. Violations are not visible and side effects usually do not occur. Speaking of workouts, the ideal option for best results it is - four times a week for 40-45 minutes.

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