How to mix and inject grow hormone

As we get more and more questions about the growth hormone, how it is used, how it dissolves, how it is stored, and so on. and due to insufficient information on the web about it, we, the team, decided to write down as much information as you need.


Surely everyone has heard at least once that if the hormone is not stored in a refrigerator bag, it loses its properties, whether it's true? No, it's not true, or at least not the whole truth. This applies to a dissolved growth hormone solution. It must be stored at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius in this case, even cooled by being dissolved in the special and obligatory bacteriostatic water, its life is considered to be no more 48 hours.


How is growth hormone stored?

This is the cause of the growth hormone for many years now, no matter which mark is to be offered as a dry stable solution.


This dry and stable solution allows it to be removed from freezing conditions without any problems for 5-7 days. This gives him the freedom to travel with courier companies from us to you as well as freedom until it dissolves to be alive and does not bother you how long it will be stored as a dry solution, it only remains to look at its shelf life in this case, which is at least 2 years standard.


Why does it dissolve in bacteriostatic water, can not it be in ordinary or in saline solution?

It can not! The hormone dissolves only in the special bacteriostatic water, as it creates an antibacterial and stable environment for it to keep it alive.


The tap water will kill it immediately because of the different trace elements and bacteria it contains. Even if they are within acceptable limits, the physiological solution can give it stability in minutes. Ie. hypothetically if it is injected right away it may not lose its properties, but we do not recommend you to risk!


How to inject growth hormone after a solution is ready?

We will give you an elemental example of dissolution and easy dosing. Even with a simple syringe of the Omnitrope hormone. One of the best-selling and proven good hormones on the market. It comes in a cardboard box that contains a small ampoule of powdered undiluted hormone and a large 10 ml ampoule. with bacteriostatic water.


Here we will attach one video from Youtube which will clearly show you how the whole process works.


The classic scheme we recommend and the easiest we think is the following. Take a syringe and a needle and pull 1 ml. from the water.


Then you inject it into the ampoule with the hormone. This injection is very slow by watching the water run along the edge of the bottle. And not directly and in no case under pressure. That would also kill the hormone. Keep with him as a living being and be careful as with a baby.


After the injection of all one ml. start with mild circular movements to rotate the ampoule as needed until the powder is completely dissolved in the water and does not become a homogeneous liquid.


Then pull this 1 ml. with the already dissolved hormone and inject it back into the large ampoule with the remaining 10 ml. This gives you 10 ml in the large bottle. fluid with 40 units of hormone in it, or 1 ml, respectively. - 4 units, in 0.5 ml. - 2 units. Easy way then with a standard syringe, looking for milliliters to withdraw the necessary dose units you will inject.


As we said, everything is a matter of simple mathematics and how to make it comfortable for yourself.


We remind you that after this procedure the large bottle of the already made hormone is stored in the refrigerator.


How to inject growth hormone after a solution is ready?

The injection is done subcutaneously with insulin needles. You can buy them from any pharmacy. The subcutaneous or still called "subcutaneous" injection in England is one of the easiest and painless. There are hundreds of clips on the internet, and on our site how to do. It is usually done in the abdomen in the left or right area around the navel.

Grasp your skin with your 2 fatty tissue and pinch the needle perpendicularly, relax your fingers and inject quickly and tightly. Again quickly remove the needle and the veil! There is no pain, danger of affecting a nerve or a blood vessel - NO. So proceed calmly. We recommend a classic intake schedule - 5 days of injecting a hormone, 2 days of resting.


Injection is best done early in the morning and advised not to go to bed. Because the game with insulin, which has growth hormone, especially at higher doses, may slightly dizzzle you and cause discomfort.


How long does the course take and how safe is somatropin?

The course of admission, however strange, lasts as long as you have the financial capacity to afford it. The fact is. It is considered a meaningless intake of hormone under 3 months. 3 to 6 months is a baseline, but it can last for 8 months and 1 year. No rest is needed, just the doses should be adjusted. Many of Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone have been on growth hormone for decades, without interruption.



This is also the answer to the second question, whether it is safe - Yes, growth hormone is the safest preparation existing and known to mankind and combined with it the most potent and gives lasting and noticeable results in proper use.


Hopefully, we've been able to answer most of the major questions that you care about before you take a growth hormone.


And we broke out some common myths that do not matter. We remind you that the European market is currently flooded with 90% false growth hormones. So do not blame for low prices and top offers. Most often there are peptides in the good case or rather there is nothing.

Check out pros and drill for reviews by people.

This is the safest way to get a real hormone, and do not forget that often cheap is expensive.

We advise you if your budget does not allow the use of a hormone to look for price compromise options.


We at guarantee the quality of the growth hormones that we offer, give you guidance on the quality and we will do our best to be happy. Do not hesitate to contact us or write us if you have any other questions!



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