How to keep the gained results after a steroid cycle

When the intake of anabolic steroids is over, you have to be prepared because the cycle won't be as smooth as we would like it to be. In this article you will learn how to recover after taking drugs for increasing strength and muscle mass and how to deal with the surprises that await for you on the road to victory in body building. If you have the right approach in training you will be successful in all endeavors.



Structure of the article:


● For some reason there is a price reduction on the drugs?

● Methods of dealing with the effects of anabolic steroids.

● Important rules for recovery after a course of anabolic agents.


 People who build muscles using steroids should know the bitter truth : after the end of the steroid cycle the results begin to perish. So, you should do everything possible to ensure that the losses are insignificant.


Withdrawal Steroid Cycle Syndrome - The main reason !


1. One of the most notable changes is that the body begins to lower production of anabolic hormones. Because while you're using testosterone , the body stop producing the hormones itself. As a result, the systems starts to become atrophied - testes are reduced, there may be even more serious complications such as impotence. The longer the period of the training course, the higher the probability that such events cannot be treated. But there is a more important danger - infertility. These courses can lead to physical dependence, which is very similar to addictive drugs.


2. The pancreas stops working properly. Insulin is being produced much less if you take too much anabolic steroids. The same can be said for high-calorie foods that are taken in excessive amounts during the course.


3. Increased levels of cortisol. The production of this hormone is involved in the adrenal cortex. Cortisol is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.


4. Under the influence of anabolic steroids, the Thyroid gland, starts to exhaust which disrupts its work.


Psychological changes


On a psychological level, some who achieved impressive gains, start to sense a feeling of helplessness, impossibility to control the situation and the desire fight and to seek ways to solve problems . This is a very dangerous phenomenon because it can lead to psychosomatic illnesses. It can lead to destruction of the immune system.


So, you must properly consider everything - the order and direction of your thoughts should always be positive. It should be understood that without steroids, this illness is also possible to progress. Indeed, success depends on the person rather than the medication he receives. The person has  to find the strength of will and perseverance. In addition, the necessary resistance to the abstinence.


Steroids - it is a facility for temporary assistance, auxiliary assistant. And we must always remember that.



What are the reasons for throwback?

1. Reduce in testosterone levels.

2. Elevated levels of estrogen. The same can be said of catabolic hormones. FCT drugs.


Important points that require special attention after the course of taking anabolic drugs.

1. It is necessary to do everything possible to restore the natural hormonal levels.

2. It is important to go into normal training mode.


● Restoring hormone levels

Upon completion of an anabolic steroids cycle, it should be possible to regulate hormones in the body.


● Required knowledge

1. Remember that the abundance of testosterone in the body reduces its natural production.

2. When there is testosterone deficiency in the system, the body tries to develop it in a sufficient amount in order to return to normal.

3. During the process of regulating, the pituitary or hypothalamus are responsible for the signals that are transmitted to the testicles.


How to recover testicles?


During the use of anabolic steroids, the male testiscles shrink in size. To combat this phenomenon, use of hCG or artificial gonaotropiny. It is important to understand that the lack of testosterone decreases testis. The same goes for long-term continuation of the course with anabolics. Remember that even in long or short cycles the testes will have to recover for quite some time. Even mild AAC are analogues. Even they reduce the testicles.


 Therefore, if you decide to take the long-term anabolic drugs, try to bring your manhood in order.


● Methods to combat the effects of anabolic steroids.


1.  The use of hCG during the course, so you can avoid the atrophy of the testicles. The use of the gonads during and after the course is highly undesirable. If used, this can increase the time needed for recovery.

2. For restoration, two estrogens do the job - Clomiphene citrate and Tamoxifen citrate. Using them activates hypothalamic function.


What else could play the role of effective assistance?


It is very important to let the body relax. Don't stop training, just make it lighter.



Do not forget Insulin - it perfectly helps maintain muscle mass and strength. But there is a danger of taking too much. Therefore, it is better not to rely on such means as assistant. However Ectomorphs dry naturally and insulin is a good solution for that. Otherwise, it is better to choose a more reasonable recovery methods, for example, competent training.


● How to train after a course of steroids

For starters,  it is worth remembering that after completing a course for takings medicine, there is a period of recovering. The level of cortisol is greatly increased. When excessive doses of anabolic steroids are administered, the human body hedges, trying to establish a normal proportion, thus increasing the number of catabolic hormone.


● Stressed while training ? It's normal, don't worry.

Cortisol levels are even higher and it is time to create a proper training regimen.


How to deal with problems that arise after a course of steroids?


1. It is necessary to reduce the amount of training - three days a week, some athletes even lower them to 2 days per week.

2. Heavy physical exertion of the main group should not be included in the training program

3. It is important to train - half an hour - a maximum of forty minutes will be enough.

4. Training one muscle group once a week.

5. Reduce the number of exercises.

6. 1-2 exercises for any muscle group is enough.

7. Each exercise should be no more than a few series.


IMPORTANT  - Recovery rate after use of anabolic agents.


1. An important part is the good balanced diet.

2. Because of the delayed metabolism after the course, you have to eat less fat - otherwise there is a risk to get overweight.

3. Don't eat products which contain impressive amounts of protein.

4. Good night sleep is needed. Naps in the afternoon are also a plus.

5. Remove all cardio workouts and minimize the intensity of these activities.


When taking steroids, there is an increase in the levels of hormones. And therefore the body absorbs nutrients better.


In the course of the recovery don't forget to relax and sleep. And then, when the course is completed, the athlete returns to its normal shape. By training in the same mode as the use of anabolic steroids, you risk losing the gained muscle mass.


So, it is very important to optimize the restoration of the normal hormonal balance to reduce the destructive action of catabolic factors.


Gather patience, because restoration to normal levels of hormones is a process which is impressively long and difficult. It requires a lot of iron from the pituitary gland of the brain to be delivered to the testicles.



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