Effective steroid cycle for building muscle mass

Sooner or later, every athlete reaches a natural limit of their physical abilities. In order to continue improving  and to succeed in sport, the athlete should take advantage from the benefits of sports pharmacology.


However, before you give preference to a particular drug, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the necessary information on anabolic steroids available in our website.




There is a set of rules, amongst professional athletes, that actually govern the selection process for the anabolic and androgenic drugs, let's take a closer look.


● High androgenic activity - one of the main features of any existing steroids, but it is expressed in varying degrees.

● The intensity of a drug is proportional to the risk of side effects.

● It is confirmed that the injectable form of steroids carries far less harm to the body than tablet preparations.

● High dose and long duration of intake can contribute to increase the side effects and their intensity.


 Steroid cycle should be clearly systematized. Do not try to get everything at once, because it can ruin   your health and make you lose interest in the sport. Thus, two weak steroid cycles is a much better option than one, strong and powerful.


 Overall, modern drugs are better, because they have been examined over time. This is due to better financing and the use of new technologies.


Taking anti-estrogen is obligatory, as they will increase the efficiency of the cycle and minimize the likelihood of side effects. Remember, gynecomastia not always develops due to intake of steroids and in some cases to avoid the disease is almost impossible, so that timely prevention should not be done.



Thus, to achieve truly significant results, it is necessary to use steroids in minimal dosage recommended by experts as combined cycles to be no more than the recommended duration. Subject to these rules, you can get about 7 kg lean muscle mass - in parallel with burning fat.



Here we offer one of the most common and effective cycles that will contribute to the inflow of lean muscle mass. Overall, this course is ideal for beginners or men aged over 23 years. Duration is 10 weeks. The steroids used are Turinabol, Testosterone propionate, Anastrozole and Clomiphene.

Turinabol should be taken from the first to the sixth week included. The optimum dose is equivalent to 30 mg per day, which eliminates completely the androgenic effects of testosterone. Combining Turinabol with other steroids reduces the pressure on the liver and the toxicity of other preparations.


Admission is carried out twice a day - morning before breakfast and after dinner (in equal doses).



Testosterone propionate is taken from the first to the sixth week, in the optimal dose - 100mg every other day. Propionate is characterized by a complex system of administration and painful injections. Often, Propionate is used in the process aimed at relief, most often in combination with Winstrol. Replacement of the drug can be Enanthate. The difference between them is the length of life and also the injection is not so painful.


Aromatase inhibitors - they are needed in steroid cycles even with minimum testosterone doses, it’s not surprising, since the levels of aromatase in testosterone are unusually high, in fact, it is therefore necessary to carry out prevention of estrogen, in particular, we are talking about an excessive concentration of fluid, problems with the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis, as well as gynecomastia.


A common known inhibitor is Anastrozole, which is taken from the second to the sixth week included in daily doses of 0.5mg. The product will retain a desired level of estrogen. This is evidenced by the numerous testimonials of satisfied customers and popular blogs of western athletes.


Excessive suppression of estrogen levels may lead to a significant reduction in libido and erection problems. If side effects begin to appear, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the inhibitors.


And lastly.


Clomiphene should be taken in a maximum period of two weeks. During the second week the dose is reduced by half. The above cycle is one of the best ways to rise 5-9 kilograms of lean muscle mass without worrying about side effects.



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