Difference between anabolic and androgenic

There is a whole group of androgenic steroids. To them we can testosterone - both testosterone esters and methyl testosterone. Turinabol, nandrolone decanoate, provoron, and stanozolol, known as strobe, etc., belong to a group of drugs. These are so-called anabolic steroids. Here the substances have undergone enormous modification, but it's all about testosterone and nothing more.

However, world practice has completely abandoned this classification. For this there is one fundamental, very simple reason - it is very difficult to completely distinguish testosterone from its derivatives. In any "western" textbook or classifier, it can be seen that the group of such "androgenic and anabolic steroids" can meet the AAC abbreviation.


So, let's take a look at the difference between the two groups and examine each of them in detail.

First, let us summarize the above. Androgen receptors are present not only in muscle tissue, but also in skin tissue, bones, connective tissue, prostate, organs such as liver, kidneys and heart - in short, almost everywhere.


Each anabolic steroid has its own activity in each of these tissues - it can be said that to the androgen receptor in the skeletal muscle cells, these steroids can fit very well, but if that is the case with prostate it would be bad. At the same time, with dihydrotestosterone, things are different, just the opposite.


In short, the difference can be determined. It is very important for which tissues are concerned, also for which enzymes, as this can change the original structure of the anabolic steroid as well as its function.


We take the manifestation of dehydrotestosterone activity for androgenic function and then we can make the following conclusions regarding their influence on the organism.


They help:

● Sexual maturation, formation of sexual features;

● Formation of secondary sexual signs,

● Increased hair growth as a whole;

● The appearance of acne;

● Increasing sexual desire (libido);

● Impact on the central nervous system, which results in faster recovery of muscle tissue after exercise.


Classification of steroids:


Basically, that's all. If it is about androgenic activity, everything listed above can be called the result of taking some androgenic drugs, except the first point, although it is impossible to miss if we talk about women (as the result it would be clitoral growth). Let's look at the question of aggressive behavior.


To date, scientists have united over the following thesis: "There is no direct evidence that androgenic steroids affect aggression." Thus, such a phenomenon as "steroid rage" is nothing more than a myth.

All these drugs, which can be converted to DHT, have androgenic activity.


These are all ethers of testosterone and methyl testosterone. But it seems we have forgotten some of the derivatives - drathalonone propionate (mastron), provion and trenbolone. In theory, they have to express strong androgenic activity, but in reality things are not exactly that.


They have one drawback - a weak anabolic activity that they have received from their predecessors.


In the same way as DHT, Masteron and Proviron, it can be said that its activity is due to the action of alpha-3-hydrosteroid dehydrogenase. In Stromba, activity is not lost, but that does not make it better. Methanolone is practically the best of the four drugs.


It is worth noting that stanozolol, especially in the form of tablets, should not be used by women due to the strong virilization promoting active growth of the clitoris. Proviron is known as a sex preparation because of its strong influence on libido. Intheory, it has a bad effect on the prostate.


So, what is the difference between anabolic and androgenic steroids?

If we have to further deepen this subject, we can claim that the developed muscle tissue is a secondary male sex mark.


We can make the following main conclusion, namely that the developed muscle tissue is a manifestation of androgenic activity. Finally, we come to the most interesting part: the latest research in the field of male health proves that not only the main male luteinizing hormone, but also 19-nor-testosterone (nandrolone), is produced in our body.


n fact, the precursor to the main growth hormone - testosterone is androstenedes. It is by this that with the enzyme 17-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase the second one forms. The same enzyme facilitates the conversion of 19-nor-androstenedione, recently found in our orgasm, in 19-nortestosterone.


Conclusion: Since it is synthesized in our body, the hormone can be called androgen. It turns out that dihydrobondenone can be synthesized in the body of men, which is a "lightweight version". Despite the fact that it is produced in very small quantities, it still has its place in our body.


Conclusion - Boldenone is an androgenic steroid. It is that everything sounds extremely confusing. We simply do not have to try to delve into and draw conclusions, but rather to trust what scientists have reached about AAC. More information or purchase of anabolic-androgenic steroids can be made at online steroids store.


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