Acne - prevention and control?

Youth rash or acne is one of the most common side effects during the reception of sports promoters. This can cause allergic reactions or age-related changes in the body. In this article only talk about acne, which appeared as a result of the use of sports drugs. Most commonly the development of acne is hard to predict, but sometimes the skin at the site of the lesion becomes red and itching.

Acne doesn’t pose a serious health hazard, but significantly ruin the vision of man. It is impossible to confuse with any other illness, because the inflamed area of the skin begins to swell and then it rips. The base of the shoot may have different color-from white to purple. Today you will learn how to prevent acne and how to treat it in case it pops up.

How does acne appear?

Note that in all the medical literature, described in detail the appearance of acne, which is just a result of intake of anabolics. If your friend start to argue, claiming that this is not the case, you can provide a link to any medical encyclopedia.

The point is that during the course of the human body hormonal AAS heavy stress. This leads to a significant change in the work of the systems. If we talk about the mechanism of the development of acne nd the intake of anabolic drugs, that is a lot of things are being simplified.  Skin sebaceous glands beneath it are under the influence of a powerful hormone attack.

As a result, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively. At the same time the defense system of the body is trying to resist the stimuli, like destroy those micro-organisms that are directly under the epidermis. This is the cause of acne and should not worry about health. In her backpack fall new micro-organisms and the whole process is renewed. Another matter that this acne there is no steroid nature.

Not every contestant gets acne. Some athletes who use large doses of steroids, never faced with this disease. Others receive this "extra", even by the minimum quantity of AAS.  It is believed that everything depends on the genetic predisposition. We can agree with this because most steroidnoto acne occurs in athletes, in whose body the enzyme 5-alpha reductase shows high activity.

In addition, the reason for the development of Acne can hide in a violation of the functions of the adrenal cortex. This suggests that if you have kidney problems, you don't have to risk your health and to use AAS. If we are talking about specific steroids that can cause acne, these are drugs with high androgenic activity index - trenbolone, methane, testosterone and anadrol.


How to prevent and cure acne?

As the prevention of any disease is cheaper than treatment, we will start with this question.

Acne prevent:

• Use steroids with low androgenic.

• Limit the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, even completely eliminate them. We recommend that you also avoid spicy and fatty foods during the course and to eat more vegetables.

• Bath more often and don't forget to use SOAP. And in this case it's the acidity index of SOAP (Ph), which must be equal to 5.5.

• Plug the complexes with trace elements in the course. Of particular importance in this case are the vitamins of the group.


Acne Treatment

If you can't avoid the appearance of acne, we recommend that you consult a specialist. In any case, do not try to squeeze the pimples or even to touch them. We said that in such a situation, the risk of infection within the wound increases, which greatly complicates the treatment of disease. You have to remember that once appeared acne, diet won't help you with it. It is for prevention.

To wrestling acne we can recommend the following actions:•

The solarium can be a good way to combat this disease, but it is important to stick to a specific duration of the procedure. Otherwise you may receive subsequent erythema and skin resistance to UV rays.

• the affected areas of skin you can clean with salicylic acid once or twice a day. Also we recommend that you use for this potion of oak bark, marigold and Chamomile.

• If the situation turns out to be complex and salicylic acid does not handle the task, try Skinoren. This is a cream based on azelaic acid.

• For maximum effect to Skinoren should be added Zinerit. The drug contains erythromycin with zinc, which effectively destroys the bacteria. Another drug may be Baziron whose task it is to inhibit the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin. On the effectiveness of the above medicines don't fall with the passage of time, they must take turns.

• In the end, you can start taking roacutane. This is a powerful preparation that athletes use during preparatory courses. On the other hand, the preparation also has many side effects. So before you decide to do it best, consult a doctor and do a drug study.

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