A steroid cycle with Naposim - The russian methane

It is very difficult to make the first step towards anabolic steroids, especially without some knowledge. So most beginners resort the anabolic steroid Naposim, that does not create any problems, and does not require the use of additional drugs, you can use it solo.

Naposim is another name for methane, manufactured by the Moldovan company Vermodje SRL. This medicine is very popular among many athletes who want to go up in muscle mass with high efficiency. The active ingredient is methandrostenolone. Note that this is almost the most effective anabolic steroid used by men today.

When using, the athlete receives a rapid increase in muscle mass and fibers themselves due to a significant acceleration of protein synthesis. Therefore, the methane is used in almost every cycle. It is popular among all athletes with different levels of experience from beginner to professional bodybuilders.

Information for Naposim (Russian methane)

The drug works well in solo use, but no less effective results appear in the combined steroid cycles. Beginner athlete must pass through Naposim, and then move gradually to more powerful agents. But this should be done very carefully with consultation with a specialist. Otherwise, you can not only not achieved results, but also seriously harm your health. Always follow dosage instructions, because it is  the only way to avoid negative effects.

Naposim really works and gives excellent results. The drug itself is among the best sports stimulants. High quality, low cost and its high efficiency make Naposim one of the most profitable efficient choices for athletes who aim to quickly increase muscle mass. Many people know that building muscle in a short period is not easy, but with this anabolic steroid that can be done quite easily.

Quite often you may encounter this issue: At what dose does this drug works most effectively? The most categorical answer to this question is that for every athlete the dose is individual, because everyone is different.

The effectiveness of Naposim

Thanks to its efficient drug action, it accelerates protein synthesis, which in turn provides excellent anabolic effect. Just imagine that for two months  you can go up to eight kilograms in muscle mass and when taken in combination with other anabolic steroids - 12kgs.

Methane accelerates and increases the power in the execution of the exercises and also has a large positive effect on endurance.

The Naposim strengthens the body as a whole. Especially helpful for bones, they become much stronger.

Balancing the body fat.

Positive effect on appetite - this is very important as the athlete should eat often and focus on proteins.

The anabolic activity of Naposim is large (200%), but has a low androgen index (50%). Naposim rarely causes negative effects, and often they are linked to the misapplication of the drug (overdose and abuse of long-term treatment). If you decide to use it in combination have to read a lot of information because not every steroid is compatible with others.

The most common adverse reactions are response to estrogen. Most often they are in accumulation of water in the body. But do not worry - this is normal, this reaction is in each methane. But in order to avoid more serious consequences (gynecomastia, high blood pressure) it is necessary to use drugs of anti-estrogenic in nature.

Individual cycle for beginners

If you are a beginner and still haven't used anabolic steroids, this drug is perfect for your start. In your first steroid cycle it is not necessary to include other anabolic agents. When taking Naposim, the receptors are affected by the active substance very well, so that even in solo performance the anabolic effect will be in great extent.

The tolerated daily dose can be from 30 to 40 mg. Note that the dose is calculated based on the index and body weight of the athlete. If your dose is 40 mg daily, the dose should be administered in 1 tablet (10 mg) every 4 hours (on a daily basis). It is desirable that tablets should be taken half an hour after eating. But remember that achieving maximum dose should be gradual, it should be increased mildly each subsequent week until it returns to normal. Start first with 20 mg and as soon as the amount of tablets begins to reduce, gradually reduce the dosage as it was in the beginning.

If we talk about combined courses, it is best to use Nandrolone, Testosterone or Sustanon. These drugs are the most combined with Naposim and have almost no side effects.

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