A steroid cycle for building high quality muscle mass

There are many drugs for achieving great, quality muscle mass. Especially popular is a course with Turinabol and Boldenone. You started to train and want to achieve the maximum effect from the hours and energy spent? Then what you need to do is, of course, add anabolic substances that contribute to increasing the results from exercise and help you improve.

But despite the large range of sports pharmacology and medical progress, to make the right is very difficult. Immediately there are doubts about the quality and effectiveness of steroids. Having read the information from various sources, the athlete begins to search for his ideal choice, but not always, these searches end well, especially for beginners. Novice athletes make many mistakes not only in training but also when taking a steroids.

You need to understand that knowledge and only knowledge can insure you from the negative effects of anabolic drugs. But where you can find a reliable and effective information? Of course, it is better to consult a trainer or specialist. They won't give you bad advice.

The main thing - do not go for ads that promise instant results, easy and harmless. Remember that this does not happen. And if you are just starting your way as bodybuilder, it is best to choose a course of steroids from high quality, like Turinabol + Boldenone.

It fully meets the requirements of beginners, protecting them from the dangers and negative consequences. These two drugs give maximum effect on the body without causing harm and various inconveniences.

Thus, the athlete has the safest and easiest way to increase muscle mass without side effects and health risks. Muscles grow significantly with improved quality

After completion of the course, the athlete gets dry weight without the accumulation of excess fluid in the muscle fibers. But the main advantage for beginners is the zero risk of side effects. These drugs increase the appetite and have a column of positive attributes.

The gained weight is retained after the completion of the course, and the athlete feels a significant increase in the productivity of their own strength and  the overall endurance levels. We can agree that these indicators can please everyone and create a positive wave for further training.

Athletes who take Boldenone, argue that the results come slowly, but the overall quality is worth it. And if the drug is used together with Turinabol, the effect will grow several times.

How to take  the course of these steroids?

This course gives a  good increase in muscle mass. It is designed for two months and is based on two steroids that have a significant anabolic effect. Sometimes, you can include Sustanon-250 to the cycle, because its androgenic nature ensures  highest and most importantly - stable hormone levels during the course. Sustanon is not necessary included in the course, everything depends on the goal pursued by the athlete.

Note that Turinabol is an excellent basis for a set of high-quality dry and muscles. As the muscles get relieved of all unnecessary water. As a result, they become hard, elastic and relief. But Boldenone not only increases the weight, but stimulates the appetite, so that athletes can absorb necessary nutrients and make their workouts more effective.

PCT after the course.

Passing this course must be done with high-calorie food, which consists mainly of proteins. You can use various additives, if necessary. It can be BCAA, protein or energy drinks.

The cycle with Boldenone and Turinabol is both powerful and gives high quality results. Do not worry about the gained muscle mass - even after the course the gains won't go anywhere. All this is due to the action Turinabol. The drug prevents rollback phenomenon and improves the quality of muscles and their attractive appearance. For PCT the perfect drug is Clomid, which helps the body to restart testosterone production.

The course lasts eight weeks and the PCT - 14 days. Four tablets of Turinabol should be taken in the first 7 weeks, and then by 3. Boldenone  should be administered twice weekly in 300mg doses. Clomid dosage is - 2 tablets first week and then 1.

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